Tuesday, 10 November 2009


Whoops haven't written here for months...Sorry i just haven't had much to say really or been that well as such...Those who are on facebook and friends with me will know that i have been in hospital a couple of times and been scanned, poked and prodded to point where am pretty fed up of being vampired (blood taken) having to go wee or feel like i should be aglow inside with all the ultrasounds...This is all to do with the lower abdominal pain that is still here and as yet no cause has been found :o( It's the reason i have been hospitalised twice and could have been more but there is no point when they don't do anything except starve me.

I have no idea if anyone who is not on facebook can see the page or if you have to be a member on facebook. The page being one i created for my jewellery and other crafts which will appear at some point. If you are on facebook check out Minerva Jewellery & Craft
Facebook Minerva Jewellery & Craft
Hope that link works and even if you're not on facebook then you could try it and see if it works. There is prices on all the photographs and there will be more photos coming soon.

Kerry is now getting regular physio and she also has an appointment to be seen by neurology in a couple of weeks time...Am gonna be in london on the 21st for a friends 50th birthday party :o)
Do promise that i will post a proper catch up either later this week or next week
Caff xxx