Friday, 26 December 2008

Boxing Day

After an eventful christmas eve for more reasons than i wrote in here christmas day has been and gone...I refused to let what upset me big time on christmas eve ruin christmas totally for me...Even Mikey calling me ridiculous on christmas eve late in the evening i refused to let upset me anymore...Ridiculous because daftie here decided to put a set of white battery lights on one of the mini trees i bought for the christmas fayre Hey i like being a bit daft especially with christmas lights...I bought myself a light up snowman that plugs into the computer and kerry nicked it so i had to buy another for me.

Anyways my lot didn't waken up until quite late and mostly got money...Mikey has been out and spent all his this afternoon and no not in the sales I got bubbles & truffles from santa, a large choccy shell with ickle choccy shells inside from santa, some belgian choccys from santa and a tigger calendar from santa...I got perfume from all 3 of them...I got a cuddly polar bear that you heat up in microwave from kerry...I got the new killers CD from mikey and he had bought a beautiful christmas bouquet of fake christmas flowers from the college charity shop...I got a ticket to go and see the Kaiser Chiefs in feb from garath...My older sis gave me some money and my younger sis got me some candles...My mum we banned from giving us anything and she did as she was told...I also got a dragon from one of my bestest friends for being a good friend and listener this year...Silly woman that she is

We set up a table in the living room as mikey wanted...He set it with the cover and mats and the posh cutlery and glasses...We even had crackers this year :o) Neither of the boys used to like crackers as the noise was too much for them...Our dinner may not have been traditional but we enjoyed it...As i can't have chicken anymore i did buy a steak for myself but didn't bother...I just had sausage meat stuffing (yum) with plenty chipolatas and rolls of bacon...Kerry and Garath had chicken breast stuffed with mozarella wrapped in bacon...Mikey had just plain chicken...Kerrys friend had vegetarian spring rolls...She's a nightmare as she is a severly lactose intolerant vegetarian...For pudding she had fruit salad and meringue...We had meringues, fruit salad, scooshy cream, pouring cream, mini eclairs and profiteroles...No leftovers except for leftover sweets...Today we're going to be completely non traditional and have some corned beef hash lol...I just watched Madagascar as i'd never seen it before...It's hilarious even if it is a kids feature length cartoon...Below are some pics of the tree and decorations...All of them were bought in sales or cheaply...I love the glass spiral baubles because they are so different...Hope you all had a fabby day yesterday

Toodle pip for now tc xx

Glass snowflakes glass drops

chandelier lights our new tree 6 feet high and black

My glass spiral baubles glass star bauble with snowman inside

teensy white and silver fairy white, glittery snowflake

colour changing snowman light...He turns yellow and green and white as well all randomly

See i put fake snow down amongst my dragons and in front of the telly lol

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Christmas Eve

Well 'tis Christmas eve and i am rather tired...We went and visited mum and my sisters yesterday...In the middle of the night i went shopping to 24 hour asda and tesco to get the frozen things i was after...So i slept in this morning...I feel stiff from the driving so maybe my sis was right lol...Remember last year i ended up in A&E on christmas eve morning/afternoon...Well this year it was the turn of the friend who took me to A&E last year lol...I shouldn't laugh as she was rushed there in an ambulance as it looked like she might have been having a heart attack :o( fortunately she wasn't having one but it is related to an ongoing problem she has...And this could happen again :o( She's back home though and off out to her sons christmas eve celebration thing at his school...He attends one of the rudolph steiner schools...As most of the workers at these schools are from europe they do celebrations for all kinds of festivals...They do a lot of different celebrations in the lead up to Christmas Day...She found out today that our GP has mysteriously left...She is with the same practice as me and holds the same GP in as high a regard as i do...He was there on monday and spoke to her daughter and said he'd see her soon...Yesterday a letter had been typed up at the practice and sent out to patients with upcoming appointments with him...Saying due to unforeseen circumstances the appointment was cancelled and to phone to book another one...So my friend did that as she got the letter like that this morning, only to be told he was no longer there and they couldn't tell her why...Very strange and a right puzzle...Just hope that he and his family are alright...He's been there too long and is too caring for us to believe he had done anything untoward.

Have a very Merry Christmas everyone...Hope santa is good to you all as you've all been good girls and boys this year

Monday, 22 December 2008


Second last entry was entitled ARRGGHHHHHH...Think this one should be too lol...Am so stressed just now and usually am not leading up to christmas...Last year i did get stressed on christmas day but that was because of not being able cos of my shoulder and i had wanted everything to be just right for K's friend...So why am i so stressed just now you may well ask...Well yesterday was pure and utter hell to be honest...Firstly my hoover had broken and i only bought it last month but i couldn;t find the receipt...No problem usually as it was from asda, is asda own make and looks barely used...Oh no it was a right old pilaver and i almost shouted and cried at the manager of the asda i took it back to...See as they had none on the shelves they needed a barcode to refund me...No problem phone another store i said and they thought that as well...HAHAHAHA!!!! the MANAGER was the one doing the looking online and phoning the other stores...After much waiting and much wrangling and me getting very angry but keeping my voice down and not shouting (well impressed with meself at that) i demanded contact for the manufacturers...See the manager had been asking the other stores and searching online for an ONN (however tis spelt) hoover...Thing is the hoover says ASDA and not ONN...Because i had been stood in that store at customer services for nearly an hour i flounced out to go to one of the other asda's...And just as well i did as they had about 20 of my faulty hoovers on their shelves...And it was them that said the manager had asked for the wrong flipping hoover...Needless to say i got it exchanged there and then i did my shopping...I did try to see if that manager was on duty in his store today but i couldn't find him...I was going to be polite but let him know in no uncertain terms that HE was the one at fault and not me as he was trying to imply...As i was leaving that asda i had Kerry phone me upset and in a panic...She was getting the last bus home to here last night...One bus from livingston had gone flying past her without stopping...The next one she went out early to get and it went flying past her whilst she was on way to bus stop 10 mins early...It didn't stop at the bus stop...So she tried a different bus to get into edinburgh but it was too late for her to get the megabus to here...She tried to get it at another stop she knew it usually stopped at...But it didn't turn up so she either missed it or it had been diverted...I decided stuff it and said ok am coming down to get you...A friend came with me for company...She had found a pub that was open late and sat in it waiting for us...3am before we got back here Today am shattered and tomorrow am driving north to deliver pressies there...My big sis has just told me off for even driving as she was barred from driving for 6 weeks when she cracked her ribs...She was also told it would be 6 weeks minimum before they healed...Erm my gp never said that or barred me...I didn't tell her i got an infection cos of the cracked ribs that could have turned to pnumonia LOL...I will tell her that tomorrow :o) Right i have a joint of beef in roasting cos it was reduced in asda yesterday...Must go put in the frozen roast potatoes :o)

ttfn xx

Sunday, 21 December 2008

More pics of jewellery to bore you all :o)

Below are pics of 3 necklaces i made today for christmas presents...The top one i have made 2 of hence 2 deisgn pics but 3 i have made...Depending on how the light is shining the AB (aurora borealis) coating can look more blue, more green, more pink or more yellow or golden or some colour or other in pics...It's the same in reality with them and i have been caught out with pendants being slightly different AB coating to others...That is a pain when trying to do matching earrings and necklaces...The bottom necklace is the black diamond colour...It's actually paler and more grey looking than this pic suggests...It is one of my favourite colours that swarovski do...I just think it looks elegant and also it goes very well with silver...The pendant in that bottom pic is a sort of squished cube shape...I'll try take some pics from other angles in the morning and post them

Tuesday, 16 December 2008


ARRGGHHHHHHHHHHH no1!!!!!!! It's only a week really until christmas as such...Ok a week tomorrow 'till christmas eve...And am nowhere near ready :o( Ok the throat thing and the rib thing did set me back...Am afraid that this year i think i will just post cards that are bought from the shop to peoples instead of sending them beautiful handmade by me ones...I don't have the time and it is really beginning to stress and annoy me that i haven't made them yet...That's what the throat thingy and rib thingy really set back.

ARRGGHHHHHHHHHHH no2!!!!!!! I just realised the other day that what i had for my mum for her christmas pressie is no use to give to mum...Mum absolutely hates the colour blue so much so i remember her refusing to sit on a sofa she liked in a shop because it was blue...We did get that suite just in a different colour lol...Well the glass pieces i bought from the international market back in sept to give to her are all half blue...EEEKKKKS defo can't give that to mum...So what do i get a 77 year old that doesn't need anything...I've bought some slippers but i need to get her something else...she doesn't need perfume as she has enough still from when i last got her lol

ARRGGHHHHHHHHHHH no3!!!!!!! me and Garath have spent the better part of today trying to clear out, clean up and gut Mikeys room...His new double bed arrives on thurs and there is just no-way am going to have his room arranged how i want before then...Plus moving so much stuff, washing down stuff and the like has made my ribs decided they hate me again :o( Mikey did help when he got home from college...Tomorrow i need to finish that a bit and do a temporary arrangement of furniture until my ribs can cope with moving stuff proper like...Plus tomorrow i need to make space for the bed to get into his room in first place lol...Did you know that argos do some of their patterned duvet covers in double duvet size...Patterened as in like high school musical kind??? Well if you didn't before now you do as i learnt on sunday and am not amused...I wanted a king size duvet for Mikey but no i had to get the HSM duvet set grrrrrr so double duvet it is...Least i got it in a special pack along with 2 pillows from asda tonight for £8

ARRGGHHHHHHHHHHH no4!!!!!!! My decorations still aren't up...Even my tree isn't up...See i always start with the stuff i put up on my part of the stairwell and then a few days or a week later the stuff for inside the flat goes up...But not really any decorations up in the stairwell because of the water thing...Some battery operated lights and that's it :o( After Mikeys bed gets here and set up then am going to do the decorations in the living room...The delay in them is also the rib thing and i know the boys could help BUT am afraid i like my decorations done in a set way and specific ones in specific place...Very autistic of me

Think i will go play with my fairy in my fairy garden on Facebook and maybe some Word Twist
Toodle pip tc xx
PS: I dunno what to get Kerry really but i can't ask on here because she READS this journal

Sunday, 14 December 2008


It's stopped raining thank goodness...I still have umpteen buckets and basins out to catch water though and they are staying there until the roof is watertight...Am just praying for no more rain for a while...Well at least not any more torrential rain like fri and sat.

Is it just me or do others have problems with pics on here??? When i put the pics on for this entry i had to press done real quick because the same one was repeating over and over again...Think i had 14 tiggers at one point that i had to delete rofl...Today i was supposed to gut Mikeys room but i had a headache and felt sickly so i went back to sleep after taking him to respite...Not like i can put it off for long though as his new bed will arrive on thurs...He made me buy him a high school musical duvet cover today Yes they do it in double duvet size I wanted grown up and manly...Oh well he's off tomorrow so he can help and Garath is off now until after the holidays so he can help as well...Especially with building the bed and moving the warddrobe as i don't want to strain the ribs too much...Am not taking the painkillers as much now...If i've done too much then i need to take a couple or sometimes i wake up sore and need to take a couple.

I was pleased that Alexandra won the X Factor last night...Apart from Ruth she was the best finalist IMO...Am also pleased that on Strictly Come Dancing they put all 3 semi finalists through to the final...That was on grounds of fairness as two of the couples had the same marks from the judges...Am also pleased cos i would love Tom to win...Holby won't be the same when Sam leaves Even if he doesn't win at least we get another week of looking at him shaking his nice tight bottom :o) ...I got Mikeys pressie yesterday after putting off buying it for a few weeks...I got him a camcorder and the one i was looking at for last few weeks was on offer in Asda for £120...Well it then went down to £117 and some pence after the vat reduction...Yesterday they dropped it to £99 :o) So it paid to wait lol.

Oh just before i go can you over indulge in satsumas???? I just ate 8 of them but in fairness they were little ones :o)

Toodle pip tc xx

christmas present

Well last christmas was bad enough but this year i dunno if i will be in the flat come christmas day...For those reading that don't know last christmas i spent christmas eve in A&E or ER for american readers...On the fri before christmas i was carrying shopping into the block when i tripped and fell...At that point i was carrying my new flat screen telly and didn't want to drop it so i went splat all over the doorstep instead...The following day i felt a bit sore but i drove 140 miles to pick up my daughter and then same back home again...On the sunday i was still sore but drove 70 miles north to visit my sisters and mum and then the same back again...By the mon morning i was in agony and managed to see my GP who sent me to A&E with suspected broken clavicle...It wasn't but i spent christmas in pain and not able to do much....Reason am not sure about this christmas is the roof...Readers from AOL will remember the leaking roof...The one that's been leaking for months and months...That has made my bedroom uninhabitable and the lad in flat above that side his flat a horrid mess...Well the slaters came on thurs and put up the scaffolding...I have been told they were round on fri doing some work but as i was out all day i dunno...What i do know is that when i came in around 7.20pm there was no damp bit on my half landing...At 9pm when i went to go to corner shop there was a damp bit on the new carpet...When i got back i put down a bucket, then i put down a basin and some small tubs...I went up to the half landing between mine and the flats directly above...The carpet was soaking about 3 steps down towards mine :o( I put a bucket down there as well under the worst bit...It was pitch dark and my torch is broken...I lit a candle to go all the way up to the top and someone had already put a basin down...The bucket and basins on my half landing aren't anywhere near full...The bucket on the half landing leading upstairs was nearly full :o( I emptied it and bought more cheap basin from asda when i was out this afternoon...They are all down on the landing now...Right up the top i have moved the fullish basin and put down a bucket...the bucket is under the main drip...I say drip it is like a waterfall :o( Now it has been horrendous lashing rain all yesterday and today...I don't know if the water is coming through so bad because of the existing condition of the roof...Or maybe the slaters having started working on it have removed whatever tis they are removing at that point and not secured some waterproofing properly...Now there is a bucket right up the top am hoping that catches the worst until monday...BUT my worry is that with so much water having been pouring down through 2 levels what state the stairs are in and how safe they are :o( I am really worried that they may collapse higher up :o( So last christmas it was A&E this christmas it could be a homeless shelter!!!! I just PRAY the rain STOPS overnight and stays OFF for a good few days

Saturday, 13 December 2008

christmas past

Jeannette at Outside - Looking In (Jeannette's Jottings 2) wrote about how christmas was for her before her family had tv...She's asked what did we do if we are old enough to remember not having any telly...I thought i'd put my wee bit here instead of a comment to Jeannette.

I can't actually remember when we got tv...I know the telly was black & white and we finally got a colour one in 1973...That was the same time we got a bbc2 ariel...Mum had wanted colour telly before that but dad wouldn't let her...He relented so that mum could watch princess Annes first wedding in colour lol...But even with the black and white telly we didn't watch it on christmas day except for the queens speech.

Christmas started at the beginning of dec not way back in sept as some retailers like to bombard us with nowadays...I say beg of dec because that was when we started the advent calendar...Not the kind you get now full of sweeties...I don't know if they had any like that back in the 60's/early 70's...We had one that was covered with a wintery scene and glitter...Me and my little sister took it in turns to open a door each day...On the last day we opened a side each as it had double doors that revealed the nativity...And the calendar doors were closed shut to be used again the next year...Mum would also have made the christmas cake and christmas puddings back in the nov or possibly the oct...We always had money wrapped up and in the pudding...When cutting it up to serve mum always made sure that us little ones got a piece with a bit of silver foil shining in it...That's not to say that we always managed to get the most valuable coins in the pudding...Leading up to christmas we spent sundays in the lounge instead of the living room...Sounds dead posh doesn't it lol...We weren't posh far from it just the house had 2 front rooms...One was the sitting room we used all the time and the lounge was kept for best...It was the lounge that the christmas tree and decorations went up in...We did have a fake tree but there was some years we had a real tree...My dad was in the masons and we got the tree they had in the masonic lodge for quite a few years...As we had to wait until after the kids christmas party and the other christmas events they had...So the years we got that tree it was only at most 3 days before christmas day...And it was always a huge tree (well it seemed huge to a small child) The lounge had a bay window and that real tree always filled it...We couldn't have afforded to buy a tree like that...One thing we always looked forward to at christmas was to come into the city to see the christmas lights on the main street.

Another highlight on the lead up to christmas was going to visit santa in his grotto in a local store...Now in retrospect i feel rather bad about how i was one year...Of course back then santa was santa so i didn't know why i might not get what i asked for...I was desperate for a puppet and when we went to visit santa i asked for a puppet...My mum said i might not get one and i threw a temper tantrum as far as i remember...The parents bought something in the store and it was wrapped and given to santa to give to the child...I did get my puppet and i don't know why...I think that was around about the time my little sister was born or just a baby and maybe i felt left out a bit hence getting the puppet...What i didn't know then but i know now was it was expensive for that kind of present...I still have that puppet complete with box and instructions...And on the instructions is still the tear off portion to send off to join the pelham puppet club in shillings lol...I did play with it and so have my lot (though them not much)...Another time when i was about 5 or maybe 6 i got a sindy doll...I hated dolls and never played with them so what possessed mum to think i would want a sindy is beyond me...I had been barred from the kitchen for weeks when i came home from school leading up to that christmas...That was because mum had sat and knitted and sewn up a massive range of outfits specially for the sindy doll...I did appreciate them just not the doll itself lol...My little sis broke it's head off a few months later and you know what...I was distraught lol...I do have one other christmas present from my childhood although some bits are missing...That's my super spirograph...Not ordinary bog standard spirograph but one with knobs on lol.

So on christmas eve i think it was once i was 6 i got to go to the watchnight service...I don't remember who looked after my baby sister but i know it won't have been either of my parents...So it must have been either my older sis or bro...The watchnight service wasn't held in the church we went to on a sunday morning...Back then there was a church in the main street of the village as well...It was in that church that evening services were held and if it snowed then sunday morning service was held there...When that church was sold off then the watchnight service was held in the church hall...The church hall in the village isn't beside the church...We lived close to both and we walked to and from the service...I mentioned it can't have been either of my parents looking after my baby sister...My dad was an elder in the church and he was always on duty on christmas eve...My mum sang in the choir and also sang solo's and often she would be singing a solo on christmas eve...After the service i would be straight to bed when i got home carrying my sock for santa to put at the end of my bed...No fancy stockings but an old sock of my dads...The tree would have lots of presents under it and magically they appeared at the end of my bed on christmas morning...We always got presents from all our uncles and aunties hence we had a rather large pile to open...One uncle lived near a papermill and from when i was very young i always got a massive pad of very good quality paper with a packet of crayons or pens...I began to know that is what i would be getting from them and i always looked forward to it...Usually it was a small toy or board game or bubble bath we got from uncles and aunties...A board game one would usually be something to that was shared with my little sister...Because we had so many uncles and aunties i always felt like i was a real miser when it came to my own three's christmas present piles...I always had to remind myself i had lots of relatives...Anyways this is about not having telly and not being too nostalgic...On christmas morning we would run through to mum and dads room at some ridiculously early hour and waken them up...Then we'd all pile into their bed with all our presents and open them...After that mum would go downstairs to put the turkey on if she hadn't put it in already...For breakfast my mum always had her tangerine that was in the bottom of her sock...And that's what we all had for brekkie on christmas day...We would all get dressed in our new best clothes to go to church for the christmas day service...When we got back mum and my sister would be in the kitchen getting stuff on to cook...Me and my little sis (once she was old enough) set the table with the best cutlery, crystal glasses etc...We folded the napkins up all fancy as well...My maternal grandparents and my dads spinster sister would always come for christmas dinner with us...After we finished the dinner the men did the dishes...We'd then play with our new toys, read new books or use new drawing stuff...After dad had a quick snooze we would go and visit other relatives...Even with a telly it wasn't like it is now...Because videos, dvd's and satellite telly didn't exist films on christmas day were a big thing...Unless you'd been to the cinema to see it then it would be all new and exciting.

Think i have digressed a bit and Strictly and the X factor are on...Think am going to be upset tonight and my favourite be put out of strictly...I want alexandra to win the X factor

Wednesday, 10 December 2008


Ok i tried to add some pics but they didn't work very well...They are animated ones but blogger refused to animate them adding to sidebar using add a gadget...So i went got a christmassy background instead...Job done in one fell swoop...You do need to have the blog full screen to see the background properly like...Apart from that i've done nowt as i've had horrid migraine nearly all day...One thing that absolutely refuses to add for me is a hit counter...It was same with my AOL journal a hit counter just refused to work on it...Doesn't matter really as not many people read my spoutings of sheer drivel :o)

I have to gut both the boys rooms...One is getting a new bed delivered next thurs and it's a double bed so whole room needs rearranged...I also need to give living room a good clear out so i can get some decorations up and my new black tree...Am allowed to have it up for this year only Am hoping no2 son who decided that was how it would be will forget by next christmas...Problem is he has an almost photographic memory and forgets nothing ever...Black will look nice with all my white and silver decorations and lights.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Pics and bits

Thought i would post some pics of the 2 necklaces i had as an order from a friend...I took some snaps quickly to show her as the silver one is slightly different to what she had seen and the gold one she'd not seen at all...The silver one that she had seen used sterling silver cubes and this one has saucers...I was 1 cube short of the amount needed for necklace...It does look pretty with the saucers though and they are much easier to source...Cubes are difficult to find lol...The gold one i have used 9ct gold as i managed to find a chain necklace that made it feasible...9ct gold chain bought on it's own and then buying the catch and jump ring would be rather expensive...I did buy 9ct gold wire though as i needed that for the crystals...That varies in price a heck of a lot and even then ain't that cheap...If i do anything in proper gold it will only be 9ct and even then won't be done depending on the design...And at the end of the day that will depend on if the buyer wishes to pay the money that will cost...That's why i prefer working in sterling silver it is far more affordable...The gold one does look very pretty though :o) I did this one for my mum for her birthday but in silver and hadn't taken a pic at all...I did her matching earrings as well

Mikey has an outing to the local big panto tonight...Alan Fletcher from Neighbours is starring in it...He's going with the tues club he goes to and they got the tickets for free...He had his christmas party for the tues club on sat afternoon...I gave him a tube of prawn cocktail pringles because i knew he would eat them and there was nothing on the buffet list we had to provide that he would eat...Well finally he went and ate stuff and now the irritating thing is i ain't got a clue what some are...Chicken triangles anyone??? Your guess is as good as mine as i know it wasn't the chicken satay i had to provide...He has decided he likes sausage rolls now so that's cool...Typical though isn't it...You say that our offspring don't like and won't eat and they end up making you out as a fibber...Just usually it's done at an earlier age than 17 lol.

Apart from that nowt exciting has been occuring...Oh Garath has learnt how to skive off uni this week...Only taken him the whole term whereas most students would do it in the first week rofl...He's only actually skiving because they're doing revision and he doesn't need the revision lectures...His exams are in jan i think...Oh yes Mikey on fri doing the talk...He did extremely well i was told last night...He got a huge round of applause and was given a George at asda gift card that has £20 on it...They also found a student who is very interested in working with the Triple A's so that is brill

Sterling silver chain, wire, saucers and rounds with aquamarine swarovski crystals

9 carat gold chain with 6mm AB bicones and baroque style pendant

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Some pics and some nattering

Below are some pics of a few of the silver plated with various other beads items i have currently made...I did turn round the prices on the tags in the pics so they weren't visible lol...I also found out this week that paypal take a small admin fee off any money paid into your account...So i need to work out what that is and price appropriately for selling online...Or can that come under P&P??? Hmmm doubt that but am sure i can think of something...I have another 2 necklaces to make that are of the sterling silver with swarovski crystals variety...Well one will be with gold plated as the person the present is for doesn't like silver...Or it may be with 9ct gold it all depend son how much i am for a 9ct gold chain in the discount shop in town that sells chains etc...buying from a supplier online or by mail order is far too cost prohibitive...Well unless the purchaser is willing to spend a fortune :o)

Did you get snow today where you live in the UK???? Am sure that plenty of our american readers either did or already are knee deep at least in snow...Am rather miffed the forecast for where i am was WRONG...We had chucking down rain and more chucking down rain, naff all snow and highest temps we've had in the last couple of weeks...Am rather partial to snow and would have much prefered it to the horrid rain.

Main reason for this entry really is that tomorrow Mikey is going to be doing a talk to some students at the uni Garath goes to...This is via the local carers centre and it is Social Work students he will be talking to...The woman going with him is going to talk about being a carer first and then Mikey will talk about his autism and how it has affected him...Am really proud that he is managing to do this again...Perhaps it could turn into something that he can do often like others similar to himself do...Although usually they have aspergers and Mikey is high functionung autistic...I have been in the past to talks by a woman in her 30s who is autistic and she is brilliant to listen to...Also she gets paid quite well for doing talks and lectures...Mikey is more than happy to do it if it helps others like him get treated better and if it raises awareness :o)

Green crackle glass with silver plated rounds

Close up and this one is 18 inch length

Metalisised (sp?) glass beads with silver plated and AB coated glass beads

Close up of the blue one it is 18inch length

Close up of pink one and it is 16 inch length

3 necklaces with lampwork glass beads and silver plated chain
All are 18 inch length

Close up of the pink lampwork heart

Close up of pink lampwork glass ovals

Green metalisised (is it really a word erm answers on a postcard please) glass rounds with silver plated ovals

Close up

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Hmmm all i seem to have done lately is rant or moan and am afraid a wee moan today too...I tried to see my own gp yesterday as i was out of the strong painkillers and over counter wasn't helping much...Well he was off sick so i had to see someone else...The female gp i saw has been with my practice as long as my own gp and she used to be good...Note the words 'used to be'...In the past i had problems with her regarding M and something he had a long time ago...Since then i have mainly avoided seeing her but i was desperate yesterday...Now ok i may already sound prejudice BUT if one of you saw a gp who then questioned another gp in the practice medical judgement wouldn't you be annoyed too???? Especially if it was your regular gp that you see who's being judged???? I was really pissed off to say the least...First she asked me why i was there and i said i needed more painkillers...She asked why what was wrong...Hmmm she didn't have my written notes open or the computer ones showing on screen...Unprofessional to start with IMO...I explained about the cracked ribs without being sarcy or mentioning her note reading my notes...Stupid woman asked how i knew and i told her my gp had told me 2 weeks previously...This woman then had audacity to ask how he knew and had he had me x-rayed...Then muttered well no point as nowt that can be done regardless...And then asked to sound my back again to check my infection was clearing up...So the cow HAD READ my notes but chosen to ignore part of them...She was extremely reluctant to give me the painkillers and sai di should be using ibuprofen and paracetamol...I said they didn't work...So as she was printing off a prescription she hautily told me that these can be addictive and i need to stop them...Like DUH!!!! i know dihydrocoedine (in the painkillers slightly) can be addictive but i also know i've never been addicted to them...I am managing to cut down on how often i need the painkillers and am hoping that within next couple of weeks i can stop completely...Am really annoyed with this woman but i can't put in a complaint as it's my word against hers...Am just so angry that she can question in the way she did one of her fellow practitioners and partners medical judgement...I will not see her again unless i need a home visit where i can't dictate who comes to see me.

I had an order from a friend online for 2 necklaces for christmas presents that have been made and sent off...I have another order again for 2 necklaces for someone online which i will make asap as they are also for christmas presents...It may sound a bit daft but the stuff made with swarovski crystals i prefer to do to order...That's so the purchaser can choose which colour of crystals they want...I do need to order some components for that order but the place i use only takes a couple of days to send out :o)

How is the weather with everyone???? We had a most weird day yesterday...Woke up to a skimmering of snow but outside the city in the shire it was much worse and schools were closed and roads blocked...Then it snowed a wee bit later in the day...I was out but after i had shopped (ugh) when i took car out of indoor car park it was pouring with rain, by time i was almost home it had turned to sleet and rain...Once i parked the car and got out to go to corner shop it was sleet only and when i got out of the shop it was flipping snow...Then it chucked it down with rain again later lol...Today it is bitterly cold with heavy snow forecast for most of the UK tomorrow...Fortunately for most of you it will clear fairly quickly except for her in north east scotland...I don't mind snow as long as the council grit the streets (hahaha!!!) and it's proper snow...Not an inch but several inches otherwise it's just like a heavy frost or ice...Enjoy it tomorrow if you do get any :o) Sadly due to being poorly with the nasty throat virus i didn't manage to save much from my file manager bitty of hometown so i have lost all my bits and bobs for tarting up and trying to pretty up my journal...I'll need to go and look through all the clipart links i have again lol