Sunday, 30 November 2008

Pics from fri evening

The angel earrings...When i first made them M recognised what they were but pointed out i had forgotton to put on halos lol...So i had to take them all apart and make them again complete with halos...They were popular :o) They look huge in this pic but they are less than an inch tall

These are the snowmen...They were even more popular than the angels and they are around same height as the angels.

The other pics are just general ones of the stall...I was late in arriving to set up so it was a rush job...The tree idea wasn't going to work with very little time to arrange so i gave up...Normally i would have a large homemade cabinet thing at the back for earrings to hang in...That's the item that i can't get to just now...The pics were taken later on as i didn't have time before the event opened...The table was fuller with more earrings and more bracelets...Actually the bracelets were very popular which suprised me...I did sell a couple of necklaces but hey ho...Oh by the time i took the pics my table covering had been pulled about everywhere...I did really well and sold a fair few items and made a fair bit of money considering it was a school event so am chuffed :o)
I hate the way blogger does pics it is so annoying grrr


I got an appointment on fri but obviously with a different gp...First he tried to explain why you usually get an infection if you have a fracture on ribs...It did kinda go over my head a bit...I can understand the not taking as deep breaths bit though which can cause mucus to build up instead of never happening...Anyways upshot is he didn't think i'd been on the antibiotics long enough to tell anything yet...He asked if i could feel any difference in my chest infection...As i don't feel like i have a chest infection then i ain't got a scooby if the pills are working or not lol...I know the painkillers are working and to be honest they're all i care about at the mo...The gp did sound me and said it wasn't turning pneumoniaic yet...Not sure if i spelt that right but that's word he used even if it looks made up...He told me to take it easy, own gp said to keep moving, he said i'd be breathless for a few weeks anyways, own gp said i should be better in 2-3 weeks...Mind you last bit my own gp said when it was just cracked ribs with no infection.

I was way disorganised and not at all anywhere near ready for the craft thingy that evening...My 'business cards' ended up a disaster...I printed them on the wrong side and the ink wouldn't dry right...On my way there i had to return a mirror i'd bought which had a part missing...Well i got the most horrendous fright on way to the venue after changing the mirror...Luckily i was only going at 5-10 miles an hour but i still hadf to slam on the breaks...It was dark and there was a group of kids with a male adult i presumed was the father walking on the pavement...They were heading towards a pedestrian crossing when all of a sudden this tiny figure ran out across the road right in front of me...Not on the crossing but before it and the lights weren't even for pedestrians anyways...The idiot adult and the idiot older kids, two must have been at least 12, weren't holding the little ones hand or keeping an eye on him...How i managed to not knock him down i still dunno but obviously am glad i didn't...I did hit my horn really loud, not at the wee lad but at the others...They still hadn't noticed what had just transpired...Even when i wound down my window to speak to the adult he didn't look bothered at all and still NO-ONE took that wee lads hand or arm :o( I really wanted to stop but i didn't have time but i was shaking for ages afterwards and it didn't do my ribs any good eitherI just can't understand people who don't keep an eye on their wee ones...They are precious and should be looked after...Not keeping an eye on them when out and about, especially on a busy road is to me a form of abuse.

Anyways seperate entry about the craft thingy after this one...This weekend was the international market again...To be honest it was a bit so so compared to others that have happened...It was nearly all food stalls this time around with very little else...Oh apart from quite a few jewellery stalls...The coffee bloke was there though and i bought several jars of weird flavoured instant coffees for christmas pressies...I bought something for K which i can't say...I bought a handbag for my older sis that the boys say is very her...I bought her birthday pressie today as well which i was kinda talked into at a permanent stall in one of the shopping malls...Today i feel like i've done far too much and to be honest i probs have over the whole weekend but sod it.

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Still breathless

Am still breathless so looks like docs tomorrow IF i can get an appointment...Must say am sorely tempted to wait until night time and go to out of hours doctors...Why you may ask, well thurs and fri nights my lovely GP works at the out of hours service...So see if i wait until the night instead of trying during the day i might get to see my own lovely GP...Am actually quite worried about all this...I have my craft fair thingy tomorrow evening and i have got to go to it...I need to sell some of my wares...Speaking of which cos of capput ribs and being all breathless (like dirty phonecall type) i can't get to the doohdah i used to use for displays when i did fairs before...It's at the very back of the cupboard on the stairs...It would require a lot of moving of stuff which i would feel duty bound to sort out and put half of in the bin...So my solution has been to buy some teensy christmas trees...I know, i know christmas doesn't start until 1st dec in my book but well if my stall looks festive then peeps may be more tempted to purchase...The teensy christmas trees (approx 10 inches high) are for hanging earrings on...I have battery operated lights to decorate the stall with as well...Ohhh i have also made christmassy earrings...Only 9 pairs in two designs...1 design being an angel and the other a snowman...Made with silver components...Not real silver but silver plated...M got the angels straight away but pointed out i had missed the halo...So they now have halos :o) G didn't have a scooby as to what the angels were but he guessed snowman after guessing santa...I've spent the evening pricing everything except the earrings...I need to cut up acetate later to hang them on and put the prices on...Tomorrow i need to make business cards, get a float from bank and a cheap white sheet.

Toodle pip tc xx

Tuesday, 25 November 2008


Over the weekend i was getting more and more breathless...Not sore or anything just irritating...Well last night i went to visit one of my aunties in hospital as she had a heart bypass last monday...The nurses were ordering me to see a gp again or i was going to end up in there eeks...I had an appointment this morning i was going to cancel as we'd spoken last tues about my gynae appointment in january...But i kept it and trotted off to see him...Before i even got into his room he said you don't appear any better in fact you seem worse...HAHAHA i just lurve my GP...Turns out i have an infection because of the fracture hence being so breathless...So am back on antibiotics i was on just 3 weeks ago...IF am not breathing any better within 48 hours i have to go back to the surgery...Now that worries me because it sounds rather ominous...But even though am busy on fri i will do as am told...Hopefully by christmas i will be all fine and dandy and well rofl

Busy on fri because it is the craft evening thingy...I have a fair stock now of reasonably priced jewellery...I even have a few christmas earrings done :o) I say reasonably priced but i ain't priced anything yet lol...Reasonably priced meaning not sterling silver and not swarovski crystal...But silver or gold plated with pretty glass and other beads...I will post pics once i've taken some...I've still so much to do to be ready as i've not done this for years...Need new table coverings (cheap white double flat sheet from asda will do), a mirror, string labels amongst the more mundane lol...I do have pretty material for table covering but i want something under it hence a sheet i thought.

Anyways got to go as am feeling dizzy again as been sat up too long...Forgot to tell gp about the dizziness with the stupid breathlessness duh!!!

Toodle pip tc xx

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Snow is falling

I've just got in from a girls night in at a friends...Think it was just as well she couldn't afford a babysitter and am not allowed to drink as it is a winter wonderland out there...It's been snowing on and off all day but the snow has been permanent on the ground since about 4pm and still now at 1:32am the roads have not been gritted...One of my friends her daughter had a car go into the back of her earlier...The police refused to go out to the accident saying the weather was too bad but that they would contact the powers that be and get the gritters to come out...Oh and that the accident would be due to adverse weather conditions...When buses have severe problems not skiding about on the streets and getting up and down hills then surely gritters are a necessity and shouldn't be an afterthought...Anyways despite that it is pretty out there

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Am cracked

Well i managed to get an appointment with my fabby GP this afternoon...That did mean that i couldn't try and get along to a business start up roadshow thingy being run by business gateway which was taking place up here...Basically because the appointment was for mid afternoon and K was going back down south today as well and needed a lift...There will be others and anyways just as well i got to see GP...I've cracked at least 1 rib lol...Me dosing myself with ibuprofen and paracetamol was useless ...So am back on the co-dydramol i started the year on rofl...Am still amazed that merely coughing once has done this...My GP checked my chest to make sure it was clear but as i said if my lung had been pierced then i think i would have been in hospital by now lol...Ach it's not really a hassle just uncomfortable and should be fine again in around 3 weeks.

I've sold a couple of necklaces :o) Ok to a friend but she wanted some jewellery for christmas presents and decided to buy from me instead of elsewhere :o) My missing items from the other week are being sent out with no quibbles from place that was doing BOGOF...I've got lots of necklaces for next weeks fair but i really need to get loads of earrings made as they are more likely to sell...Am taking a break tonite not because i want to but because i didn't get spacer beads and more chain bought today...Suppose my ribs are more important as in getting seen by GP and letting them rest i suppose...Ohhh i did have a treat today :o) Despite the credit crunch i had fillet steak for tea...It was reduced at the butchers bit in sainsburys...Down from £25 a kg to £8 a kg and a decent sized bit for me was only £1.53 :o)

Toodle pip tc xx

Monday, 17 November 2008


Sobs, sniffs, wails and cries...Don't nag i did try to get an appointment today just the only one was with vile horrid GP i refuse to see and at a non suitable time anyways...Will try again tomorrow morning PROMISE

Denise their isn't any money being spent on these consultations...It's actually one of the disabled children and families officers from local carers centre that has got them organised...Two during the daytime and two in an evening and still few people are attending...And it would be a safe bet that those who don't attend then moan the loudest when cuts are made and they get naff all for their children...They can't exactly claim they didn't know about them either as they are in the parent/carer newsletter which gets sent out from every school both SEN and mainstream to any child with SEN in the city.

Stuart in reply to a comment you left recently i went with the people you recommended.

Lynne i can say what i want about himself as there is a 24 hour flight between us

Am going to bed soon to warm up as it is baltic here today...Oh here's a giggle for yous...The radiators in the court here in abdn are controlled by the court in edinburgh...So if it is warm down there they'll switch the heating off or on if cold with no regard as to what the weather is like up here...I found that out today when freezing in the place :o) Who was it said the law is an ass???? cos the people in charge of it in whatever form can be asses too :o)

Friday, 14 November 2008

Bit of this n that

I've spent a lot of time trying to make some jewellery this week...CheapISH, cheerful, colourful and some sort of christmassy...Eeeks i said the C word...Am really against it until actual december but as am gonna be selling (hopefully) stuff at end of the month then i thought i'd try do some seasonal ISH kind of jewellery...Well colourwise seasonal hence the ISH :o)

On top of the £50 million of cuts our useless council had to make in this years budget (2008/2009) the proposals for next years budget (2009/2010) are to make £30 million of cuts...Social work overall have to make over £8 million of cuts...The are specific for children with disabilities will have to make £50,000 of cuts...Now that may not sound like much but it's a fair chunk and will be on top of the cuts made already...Playschemes and respite services have already been cut and further cuts will result in families getting no provision at all as far as i can see...I was at a meeting yesterday where this was being discussed...The cuts that is, and the bloke chairing the meeting wanted to know what parents thought and what parents wanted...Some of what he would like to see happen i do actually agree with but other stuff i don't...I don't think that some families should be cut to having naff all in the way of respite or support...On the other hand there are families who are still getting the same level of service they got several years back...And in some of those cases the child no longer needs such a high level of input...Like one family i know the mother throws a hissy fit if they dare to threaten to take away any of the respite her son receives...She immediately goes to her doctor and gets put back on anti depressants just so she can keep the very high level of respite she currently gets...And she has admitted she does that to keep the level of care he gets...Wouldn't mind if he wasn't in residential school mon-fri and only home at weekends...Or if she was on her own but she is happily married with a husband in a very good job earning a fair bit...Her son also is a lot more capable than either her or her hubby give him credit for and her son knows exactly how to get what he wants from both of them...Her hubby works for the local NHS and also is on every committee going to do with wherever and whatever their disabled son goes to...Basically he pulls strings and she fakes stuff...That really isn't fair when there are people getting naff all whos children are not in residential care for 5 days of the week...Getting that kind of thing sorted out may not necessarily save any money as such but it could help to get what is available shared out more fairly...Not gonna rant about it all on here so gonna shut up about it.

I do have another mini rant/irk though...Sir Ian Wood one of scotlands richest men has decided out of the blue this week that he wants to give £50 million of his own money to raise gardens in the centre of the city to be on a level with streets surrounding them...Now the raising of union terrace gardens has reared it's ugly head every so often for donkeys years...The public in general do NOT WANT it to happen and you'd think they'd have learnt their lesson...But naahhh the current council have got in on the act like every other council before them...Alex Salmond was also on telly talking about it and what a good thing it would be...Erm okies i wonder how it would go down in Edinburgh if they proposed to raise Princes Street gardens to street level????? Not very well i suspect...The public don't use the gardens much but then again neither does the council...There is currently underway a proposal to build an arts centre for all to use but a local existing arts group in the gardens...That has gained funding for various places including the council and the scottish govt...So why go and contradict that and put it in jeopardy just to satisy the whim of a man who was once the richest in scotland to have a square named after him...What he could do instead is donate his £50 million to the council to help pay for their move to new headquarters and create a civic square once the current headquarters are raised to the ground...That is gonna cost our council £80 million so his £50 million would go a long way in helping...And they could name that civic square after him...The link here is a wee bit of info about the gardens...The arts project i mentioned is spoken about in the link...But latest info on it is that they have £3m funding from the council amongst other funding...Seriously would you want to see beautiful sunken victorian gardens like these turned into a concrete mess!!!... Union Terrace Gardens Aberdeen Park Hey we have another square being built down by the train and bus stations...It keeps stopping and starting as they keep running out of dosh to pay the workers...He could fund it instead and have that shopping centre (surplus to requirements methinks) named after him...No offence meant to the guy as he has bailed out some of the places that were going to shut due to this years council cutbacks in the budget but there are limits.

Right i've taken ages to type this as i have to stop and start...Think i have pulled a muscle in my chest...Well i coughed in the car on tues night and next thing i knew i was gripping the wheel in agony...K and G have been nagging at me since to go to docs or a&e lol...Well a) i couldn't get an appointment on wed or today and b) i had a meeting yesterday and c) well it's only a pulled muscle...Besides i have jewellery to make and hopefully have time to glass paint if i can get loads of jewellery done this weekend and part of next week...Oh i tried printing on the acetate and it was a disaster (said in craig revel horwood style voice)...It will look good if done properly and am gonna make some enquiries

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Beads galore

K didn't get back home when she was going to...She had intended to stay for a week then go back south but she has succumbed to this nasty throat infection thing...Took her to the out of hours doctors on sunday night after a lot of wrangling with NHS24...Bunch of useless eejits them lot are...Took the details and said they'd get a nurse to call back soon, after nearly 3 hours no call so i called them...They'd been busy i was told but they don't just have 1 nurse in the call centre...They don't even have just one call centre they have several...We can't see our out of hours GP service without going through NHS24...This i know angers several of the GP's who help to man the service but they can't do much about it...My own GP practice was one of the ones who initially set up the joint service across the whole city...Anyways when we eventually got an appointment it was for 10.45pm and to be honest i think we'd have been better going to A&E...The GP on duty was next to useless and very dismissive...As it is because K is now here longer than suppsoed she had run out of prescription pills she takes daily...So phoned my GP and got her an appointment with the delightful GP she misses so much...He gave her the medication she'd run out of and also looked in her throat...And he immediately said antibiotics and was horrified she'd been dismissed so casually on sunday night...As the SYP are meeting here this weekend coming K is staying until the weekend regardless...She had a call about a job she applied for but didn't get...They had said they were going to keep her on file and they were true to their word...They're doing the checks just now and need a couple of forms filled in via email and fingers crossed she will be employed by them...She did tell them she is stuck up here ill at the mo and won't be back until next week like...That was fine with them...The job is with customs and excise LOL...Fingers crossed she gets it...She gave up university because her health problems were causing too much hassle with uni :o(

I ordered lots of beads the other week from a couple of places...One of which i have used in the past and didn't take too long to send the goods...I got an email last thurs confirming shipment and that i would get the goods either the next day or the day after...Hmmm that packet arrived today along with 2 others...Mind you that does mean i don't have to stay in until the postie has been...One of the parcels was from hong kong...Never ordered from over there before but it was cheapest place for factory packs of swarovski crystals...They're defo not fakes as the brilliance is on a par with from elsewhere...Swarovski are the most brilliant and shiny you can get...Ok they are all manmade but none of the others has that clarity...Any of the costumes you see covered in crystals or wedding dresses etc will be swarovski and not czech or lesser quality...That is the one main worry about ordering beads etc from over in that part of the world as fakes are rife...Postage wasn't anymore than from buying in this country from that particular seller...I also ordered stuff on sunday night and it arrived today as well...Think next time i use the first place i will make sure i order well in advance of needing lol...Does anyone know if a normal everyday printer is likely to be able to print on acetate and stay there???? Just before i maybe try it out...Suppose i could go to printer place at end of the street but he has been a bit dismissive in the past...I want business cards on acetate not the usual card...I could do them myself by hand writing i suppose but that would be too much of a phaff...Oops just noticed time got to go take M to fun club

Toodle pip tc xx

Sunday, 9 November 2008


Ok i have just taken the bull by the horns and registered a domain name and paid for web hosting service to go with it...Now i need some decent pics, some goods to display and oh make a website to put them on to lol...I will post a link once i actually have a site running...Suppose i could even open a blog on it i dunno if that is possible or not...You can tell am as much use techy wise as a choiccy fireguard :o)

Today is the first day in 3 weeks i haven't spent whole time coughing my guts up...My throat still tickles and feels like there is a massive lump in it but i feel half human...Just as well as i need to make plenty stuff for the craft fair thingy...Not sure where my display board thingy i had all those years ago is...It's not where i thought and am wondering if i chucked it out...Eeks if i have but then again i can make a new one and make it different...I may also make up kits to make yer own jewellery with...Did that before as well...Anyways gonna go see about kip thing for a bit

Toodle pip tc xx

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

K's birthday and not a lot

It's been drab and dreich and ever so horrid and freezing cold the last few days...Literally freezing cold as the temps have been down as low as minus 3 at night here I've been left with the most awful dry cough that nowt over the counter is helping...Am spending my days and nights cough, cough, coughing away trying to not have to go to the loo in the process...Coughing so much that there is traces of blood and people think am being sick when they hear me... Couldn't get an appointment with a GP i will actually see today though...Gonna try tomorrow...At least G got his flu jag on monday :o) He should be okies now as usually once he has the jag that's him no colds until the folloowing year...M as per usual ain't got this grrrr...Seriously he never gets anything that is going around...Might be an idea to poke, prod and test him and then market whatever it is in his system that makes him like that lol.

For her birthday K got a sterling silver hot diamonds charm bracelet with a couple of charms from my mum and 2 sisters (their families too)...They're really pretty :o) From a family friend she got some money and she also got money from her father...Woopty doohs $100 again...I know it sounds bad saying that but it was her 21st and therefor a special birthday...I was hoping he'd have sent her a memento to keep as well...His mum has some things for her which she'll need to pick up...From me and the boys she got this really gorgeous silver and opal jewellery by an australian designer...At least am sure the woman in the gallery said the designer is australian...The opals aren't the usual cream or pale blue...They are more a very bright aqua blue and very firey...I will take pics of what i got K and post them for you all to see...We went out for a meal on fri evening when K got home here...We went somewhere we hadn't been before and am not sure if i will go back...Not that the food wasn't good but i prefer potatoes to having chips with everything and the portions weren't that big for the price...On sat we ventured north to visit mum and my sisters...But everyone came to mums so we didn't actually go anywhere except hers lol...And even though am supposed to be back on a diet again i did have some cullen ice cream...It has to be done as it is the best ice cream in scotland if not the world :o)

Yesterday K and me went into town so she could get her hair cut and get some furry boots...Cheap ones from primark that are ever so cosy...I bought some C word lights from primark and they don't work So going to have to take them back and pray they have more back in as they were the last ones...I have plent C word lights but i loved these and well they could be used on my stall at the school craft fayre...See a good excuse :o) Right gonna go have a wee lie down and hopefully the american election results show will put me to sleep...No offense to our american friends as the UK ones do the same...I really want some proper sleep without coughing and coughing and waking myself up

Toodle pip tc xx