Thursday, 7 May 2009

M on radio please listen if you can

Ok i've not written for ages but i have felt a bit crap and anytime i sat down to write something here i got interruppted and forgot...Am offski for a quick bath in a mo so won't be long catching up will do a proper one later in the week i promise.

Mikey is gonna be on a local community radio station on sat being interviewed about young people and disability...Ok so i can just hear you all saying "if it's local then no use to you to tune in to"...They have a website and as with a lot of radio websites you can tune in online :o) The website is He will be on air around 11am (UK time) i think...Am sure that's what the woman said yesterday...I just hope he comes across alright and doesn't just give yes or no answers to the questions asked of him...I should get him on the *talk/lecture* circuit LOL


Rache said...

It's good to hear from you Caff :)

I'll be doing the 'go Mikey, go' chant with everyone else :)


Jan said...

Great to hear from you Cath ,no one blogs so much now !sorry you have been feeling abit down ,hope you are feeling better now ,Hope the broadcast went well, do tell us about it next time Jan xx

Denise said...

Hope it went well!

Rache said...

Thought of Mikey but wasn't near pc..drat!! hope it went well. I notice Shmu lets you play previous programmes, and it comes across in windows media player quite well. Do you know which one he was on Caff, maybe I'll be able to catch up.

Hope you're feeling a little better today. Rache

Jeannette said...

Just catching up Caff, so, of course, I missed it and was not able to tune in. I hope that it went well. Good for him for tackling it. Hugs.