Friday, 19 June 2009

catchy up again lol

My scan was a waste of time...The stupid woman only scanned my ovaries and naff all else...I asked her if it could be kidney stones and she said possibly there is a lot in that area it could be and to ask my GP when my results get to him...I already know the results as she told me that my ovaries were normal...Why oh why in this super technological age does it take TWELVE fricking days for results to get to my GP from the hospital...Have they not heard of EMAIL or failing that a FAX!!!!!! It's bluddy ridiculous that it should take that length of time...Then again they use the local NHS internal mailing system and first class post from it is roughly 2 weeks...And am still in PAIN...K threatened to dial 999 for an ambulance on wed night...Told her not to as it's not like my life is at stake and personally 999 for an ambulance to me is for life threatening circumstances or something major bad...Plus am too busy to go near a hospital as there's another 18th tomorrow and M's awards ceremony on mon and social worker on mon afternoon and the british grand prix on sun...Oh and wimbledon starts on mon too LOL...Ok i don't wanna go there unless dragged and am sure if these painkillers stop working there are others i can be given...Am an awkward cow i know :o)

Tomorrow M is going on a limo to this 18th birthday party...I've been told i can go along too and to be there at the venue for roughly 7.30pm...The venue is about 5 mins walk so great don't have to drive :o) M i sreally looking forward to it...Last sun he had an 18th birthday BBQ in the middle of no-where...We got lost several times trying to find it...The lads mothers directions sucked to say the least, both the written directions and the ones she gave on phone twice on the day...Me and the other mum who was along got told we could stay so we did...She regretted it and well i had wanted to go to the nearby village for the afternoon but stayed with her...Put it this way the others who were there were all a bit snobby...Tomorrow will be much better :o)

My great nephew has been in hospital :o( He got an operation on his tummy on tues afternoon and is all better now...He got home yesterday :o) I went to see him on wed night and it's first time i have managed to see him...He's gorgeous...All smiles with loads of black hair and big wide blue eyes and he looks like his dad...Not saying that cos his dad is my nephew he does look like him...Bit of a worry for everyone though but all well and on the mend now...I can't pronounce let alone spell what was wrong with him LOL...As he was poorly i got him another outfit and some bibs on tues night in asda sale LOL

I mentioned social worker...She was round on mon afternoon and it's first time we had met...She is really nice unlike her idiot boss...The one who after 6 years still hasn't a clue about disability/special needs or how to do his job properly and wonders why he keeps losing staff...Anyways it was ME who had to phone to get M transfered to adult services...This didn't happen with G but i wasn't so fussed about him...M is going to a mainstream course after the summer hols and IF he needs outside support it has to be paid for either via social work or direct payments...Whichever way both require needing social work input...She couldn't have been more helpful :o) She was even speaking about supported accomodation or support to live in your own accomodation and such like...Something that will be needed in the future...Pity we can't keep her but she is for children with disabilities and he's 18 now...She is coming back on mon to finish off the transfer assessment form.

G got two A's and two B's in his results :o) One of the B's was for product design...His groups 'product' didn't do very well but better than others...They had to design and build a robot that would follow a line that was in a loop...His groups one managed to walk a whole 2-3 inches before it fell over but it did follow the line...Also they had to do individual talks on what part they played in that project...With his aspergers it makes talking in front of people extremely difficult and he must have managed pretty well to get a B...So am proud of him

Right better go finish some cards that have been ordered...I want to get them posted off tomorrow

Toodle pip xx


Jeannette said...

I hope they get your sorted out soon my friend, horrible to be in pain. Hope the birthday went well. As for Wimbledon, it leaves me cold, just not really interested and the weather is not usually good either. I just do not know what is happening on journals, nobody seems to comment anymore, nobody seems to be around, so sad when you remember how it used to be.

Rache said...

To build and get a robot to walk a few inches is a milestone, gosh!! that's great. I used to watch Robot wars and they're tricky things to manipulate. Well done G :)

Hope you get the medicals all sorted Caff, very frustrating when you want done, and problems solved, and things hold up that process. rache

Jane said...

Cathy it's been 5 weeks since you last posted anything on your blog and I wondered how your abdominal problem was going? I do hope it isn't ill health keeping you from blogging.