Sunday, 15 March 2009

Catchy up

Oops i haven't written anything for weeks...Not really had much to write about to be honest...My college course is going ok...I still need to find material suitable which isn't easy as we don't have anywhere up here that sells much in way of fabric...Well there is John Lewis and another shop...John Lewis haberdashery section is to be quite frank crap these days and has been for quite a while...Shame as it used to be rather good...The other shop doesn't sell suit material :o( I still have some time to find some as we make a twall (sp) first...Twall being the mock up in calico where you make any adjustments needed to fit like a glove.

Garath was 19 last week (gulp) I bought him some fcuk jeans and a hoodie that were so vastly reduced in a store closing sale they cost less than original price of the hoodie LOL...Otherwise there is no way i would have paid just under £100 for one pair of jeans...BTW i didn't pay near that for what i bought either :o) ...Had some sad news on thurs as one of my aunties has passed away :o( The funeral is on tues but i don't know if i will get to it yet...She was 80 so had had a long life but it's still sad.

Went along to a craft fair today with one of my friends but it was a bit rubbish...Put it this way we didn't buy anything and we must have been in the hall 10 mins max...We weren't the only ones who didn't stay long either...Shame for the 2 stalls that did have lovely stuff for sale...But then again am sure there are plenty people who wouldn't like my stuff...Then again most of the people who had stalls at the last one by this group weren't there today...I haven't got my cupboard on the stairs gutted yet but aim to do so soon.

I went to the gig, The Kaiser Chiefs, that Garath bought me a ticket for as my christmas pressie from him...I didn't care that i was on my own and i threw caution to the wind and went right down the front where everyone was being squashed :o) Got some cracking pics of the group :o)

Mikey has applied to do an introductory course to I.T. at the college...He has some information session thing tomorrow morning about it...Fingers crossed he gets into it as i don't know if i can go through another year of him doing the SEN course where he is getting bullied and the college do sod all about it.

Anyways i promise to try and not leave so long next time...Some pics below

Toodle pip tc xx

This looks really dark but it's not...The freshwater pearls are called peacock and are a grey colour...The swarovski crystals are heliotrope and a dark blue with special coating on them...I really like this set as i like the colours with the silver and i assure you it is much paler in reality.

Round freshwater pearls in natural cream colour with peridot coloured swarovski crystals

I like the chain i used on this one...The swarovski crystals are white opal...The round silver beads are corrugated and it makes a change from being plain


Stuart said...

At last an update.
80 doesn't seem that old to me now.
You have email to address requested

Jeannette said...

I love your jewellery, always have.

Ally Lifewithally said...

Happy belated 19th Birthday to Garath ~ we have some brilliant Haberdashery shops this way ~ you can buy almost anything in there ~ I spend ages just looking around :o) glad you enjoyed The Kaiser Chiefs ~ hope you wern't to squashed :o) Hope Mikey gets the IT course he has applied for ~ Love your jewellery ~ Ally x

Denise said...

Sorry to hear about your auntie, the jewellry looks great.