Thursday, 19 February 2009


I want to gather together some leaves and other similar stuff that can burn to use with PMC paste...PMC is precious metal clay and i got some delivered today...I haven't used it before but it can't be that difficult IMO...I always did love playing with plasticine as a kid And i have made and used my own salt dough...Plus the thing i loved doing best when i studied jewellery at art school was casting...To me this is a different way of doing something similar...Except the piece made from the clay will be the finished article instead of being turned into a cast to pour molten metal into...PMC is made up of microscopic bits of silver or gold which are suspended in a binder that is clay like...Once you have made the piece you want, allowing for shrinkage, then you fire it...The binder burns off and you are left with finished article in silver or gold...The silver version is a bit more pure than sterling silver and can be assayed and hallmarked...The gold version is approx 22K so almost pure gold and can also be assayed and hallmarked...The orginal type can only be fired in a kiln and i can't afford a kiln yet...It also shrinks more than later versions...Newer versions are less porous, therefore stronger, and can be fired in a kiln, on a gas hob or using a butane torch...I am so looking forward to working with it and creating stuff...A local ceramic place uses it for doing necklaces of kids thumbprints...A dod of clay, kid sticks thumb in, clay is fired, chain is added, you pay £30 and bobs yer uncle...Actually the clay ain't that cheap...Essentially i want it for making leaves, flowers etc for tiaras....You can buy it as a paste/slip as well...That's either for joining bits together OR to paint onto the likes of leaves or bits of bark or anything that can be burnt off.

All of the above means gutting the cupboard on the stairs...Clearing all the crap out, rearranging what is in it, and getting a heater for in there...Am hoping the little side window opens so i can move the tumble drier onto the floor below it and have hose sticking out instead of beside the other window...I would have had it all cleared out this week but i have felt ugh...Sore tummy, headaches, bit of a temp and just general ugh feeling.

Toodle pip tc xx


Jan said...

More exciting projects afoot ,cant wait to see something you create this way,feel better soon Janxx

Ally Lifewithally said...

That sounds really interesting ~ now I am looking forward to seeing your first creation ~ Ally x