Friday, 5 June 2009

Excuses for lack of entries lol

Oh flip here we go again i keep promising to do an entry and then not doing one...I am sorry but i have been feeling really crap to say the least...Actually i've been in a lot of pain since near the end of march :o( I left it a while thinking it would naff off but i eventually gave in when it got worse and went to the docs near end april...He decided to refer me for a scan as he wasn't sure what could be the cause...He put me on dihydrocodeine as well for the pain...This week i have felt physically sick with the pain and it refuses to go away at all...I had K in A&E on monday night and one of the doctors there ended up giving me painkillers even though i wasn't the patient...It was only a week yesterday i got a letter asking me to phone radiology to make an appointment for ultrasound...So it is next thurs morning (11th) IF i can last that long...I was back at docs yesterday and am on higher dose dihydrocodeine...At least they are dulling the pain although not getting rid...He's ruled out appendix as too low down and so much pain i would be dead by now as it would have burst...Been suggested could be a cyst, am sure this doc reckons it is gynae related...I just hope something shows on the scan so i don't feel stupid and that they sort it out ASAP...The last time i was in this much pain i ended up getting my gall bladder out and time before i gave birth 3 times LOL...Whatever it is am now sure it is pressing on my bladder as am fed up going to the loo...Anyways this is why i have barely written or done any commenting on other blogs.

So to more light hearted stuff...I was stopped by the police again last week LOL...And i know why this time...I had driven M up to his old school to hand in some party invites...On the way i was coming up the next street down from ours when a police car was turning into that street...It is a very narrow street but i had right of way and he didn't have blue lights on...So i didn't reverse back for him as he appeared to want...There was plenty room for him to get in anyways if he wanted or he could wait until i came out...As i said to M in a loud voice with window wide open i had right of way and he was the one with the special training in driving I looked in my rear view mirror as he went past us and saw him trying to do a 3 point turn on the narrow street...I had just parked the car in front of my flat when there was a knock on my window...Low and behold one of the policemen...So i opened the window and he asked if it was my car and did i have my licence on me...Said yes to both and gave him my licence...He walked round the car as i was saying in 29 years of driving this was only 2nd time i had been stopped...Told him the last time had been in march this year...I also looked in my wing mirror and could see the driver of the police car had a face like thunder...After my tyres and car had been checked he came back to beside my window with his back to the police car...I asked him outright if this was because of what had just happened and that i had been in the right and his partner in the wrong...He laughed and said his partner wasn't happy but he was a rubbish driver and gave me back my licence and said not to worry and left...So because so idiot police driver couldn't drive very well he got the hump and stopped an innocent member of the public who was driving properly...At least his partner knew who was in the wrong...Still does make you wonder just how often incidents like this happen.

I mentioned a party above and it was for M's 18th...Can't believe my baby is now all growed up and an adult...We went bowling and then to pizza hut and that was organised in just a week...We only had one person unable to go which wasn't bad at such short notice...He'd been at an 18th the previous sat and he has one next weekend and another the weekend after...Since beginning of may all we seem to have had is 18th birthday parties lol...The one in two weeks time he is going in a limo...I have to take him to where they are being picked up by the limo and then he will be coming all the way back up near us...He's well excited about the limo as he's never been in one before and always wanted to go in one...He's defo got into the Introduction to IT course at the college for next year, starting in august :o) I do need to check see what kind of support he will get though...They have an awards ceremony at the college on 22nd for the learning opportunities course so he's all excited about that as they get a certificate...He likes awards ceremonies and certificates lol...G hasn't had his results yet from uni...K's boyfriend got a 2:1 in his degree :o)

I became a great auntie 2 weeks ago :o) My eldest nephew is now a proud daddy to a bouncing 9lb 1 oz boy with tons of dark hair...I so wanted to get up there this weekend but am nto safe to drive :o( I really want to see Rhys (thats his name) and i have been buying loads of stuff and more than likely be told off about it.

Got to go now as am feeling a bit sore and woozy again

Toodle pip tc xx


Missie said...

I'm sorry your having so much pain. What about kidney stones?

Jan said...

Oh Cath so sorry you are STILL in pain ,since March is a long time !poor you .Iam so pleased you were in the right and had to make the copper eat his words gopod for you , Pleased the boys are doing ok ,well done to Ks boyfriend take care dear friend Jan xx

Stuart said...

pain is so wearing I feel for you. I do hope they find the cause.

Ally Lifewithally said...

Hi Caff I am so sorry you have been so poorly I hope they get the cause of that pain sorted for you sooner rather than later ~ congratulations on becoming a Great Auntie ~ and a Happy belated 18th Birthday to M ~ Nice to see an entry from you ~ Ally x