Sunday, 25 January 2009


I know i know i haven't posted for ages and ages...I've not had much to say as such and well i keep feeling sick and getting bad headaches...But hey ho i thought i would write about a school burns supper that took place when i was in 6th year.

Am sure i wrote this in my old AOL journal but there are people reading this one now who didn't read the old one so no harm in a repeat...Besides it is funny IMO...When i was in 6th year which hear in scotland is as far as you can go at school one of the teachers decided to organise a Burns supper...A few of us pupils from 6th year who were doing art were all supposed to be helping with creating scenery for the annual school panto...Within a week of starting it ended up mainly with me and one of the lads doing it all...For the actual performances he was doing the lighting and i was helping change the scenery over between scenes...Well one of the teachers who was playing the pantomime dame (he was incredibly funny) took quite an interest in our efforts...He's the one who decided to organise a Burns supper...So i was sat in the 6th year art room one day happily messing about and having a laugh when in he walks and asks if i will carry in a haggis for a Burns night...I still can't remember how he persuaded me as i really can't stand haggis and didn't like being centre of attention at all...I borrowed a tartan skirt from a neighbour and got all tarted up and ready for the big event...I had to weave my way between all these tables following said teacher who was playing the bagpipes praying i wouldn't let the thing drop...I held it up as high as possible without looking too stupid so the smell didn't waft down too close to my nose lol...All during this i had to stiffle giggles...When i placed it in front of the head boy who was going to address it he looked at me and just about burst out laughing...He couldn't stand the stuff either so i don't think i have heard an address done as quickly as his...He did have problems trying to cut it open though...Now the reason behind that is why him and me were trying not to break out in fits of laughter...You see they had drafted in some of the school cooks to cook haggis for the night...Well they had cooked en masse in the large catering trays...No-one had though to buy a proper wee haggis in it's skin for the ceremony...So one of the cooks got a plastic sandwich bag and filled it up with haggis tucking the ends in so it looked vaguely like the real deal...A great big seam running down the centre of it just added to the hilarity of it all...I don't think i will ever forget the look on the head boys face when i plonked that haggis in front of him for as long as i live...For any of you who may be attending a burns supper then enjoy it and i wish that it is a proper haggis on the plate.


Missie said...

Have a good week coming up!

Jan said...

Oh Cath I can imagine you carrying this thing into the dining room ,stifling your giggles ,Icertainly giggled at the picture you captured for us in words hee Jan xx

Ally Lifewithally said...

Sounded like you and the head boy had a good Burns night ~ can just imaginge the sight of that Haggis ~ glad you didn't drop it though ~ Ally x