Sunday, 8 February 2009

Yeah i made an update :o)

Oh my a chance remark on facebook and now i find two people from my murky past on blogger lol...Oh well stranger thingsa have happened and i have neglected my poor journal shamefully these last few weeks...So quick update as nothing much has been happening.

Mikey had a review at college and the upshot is that he is going to be applying to do an introductory course to IT...As he has no standard grades he can't do the course where you do highers and intermediates...So this is a slightly longer different way to eventually do what he wants to do...Which is media, filming computer related stuff...Now college is on the 2nd block of the year (they only have 2 blocks) his subjects have changed slightly but he is still doing IT...And finally he is getting to do the intermediate 2 level :o) Although his guidance blokey is nice he still really didn't get my point...My point being that it is really silly to have a course that is for students with SEN that only operates at the lowest denominator...And for those who are already at the level taught or beyond it the course is NOT about getting used to being in college...That is what the 1 day a week course he did last year is for...Mikey didn't say until this week that he is still being hassled by some of his classmates...From what he said they are telling him to be quite in class when he answers all the questions...He feels he is being bullied and he feels he is being bullied because he can answer the questions and they can't...I knew something was up as he has been a grumpy (expletive deleted) for several weeks and being a right pain to me and Garath...I think i will pop along on mon and see if i can have a word with the guidance teacher...I am in college on monday mornings myself...Last week was the first week and i learnt how to take ones measurements and how to make the pattern for a basic skirt...From that pattern you can adapt and make different skirt designs...Not that i will be making any skirts for me as i really dislike wearing them...This coming monday it is bodices which if you add to the skirt can make a dress...The chances of me wearing a dress are even more remote than a skirt lol

I have been making more jewellery...Drawing up designs for jewellery and cards and other stuff...Kerry has been working on a banner for the website which is going to be the also working on what to write on the website.

I've had enviromental health round and i really need to get a hold of the woman...She was sending the owner of the flat with the leaking overflow a letter giving him X amount of days to fix it...If he doesn't do so then they will be allowed to access his premises to shut the water off...There is a heck of a lot of damage around my bedroom window from the water from the overflow pouring in....Lovely NOT

We've had snow but that's normal...Some schools being closed up in the north east cos of snow is normal...And the buses don't decide not to run because of a couple of inches of snow unlike london it would appear...I went out this afternoon and when i came out of asda it was snowing but i still drove home...Driving really mega slow in the snow is actually a bad idea...Am not saying you should be speeding along at goodness knows what but unless you are in a whiteout you are more likely to slip and slide if driving at 5 miles an hour than at 15 or 20mph...Have to laugh at the news banging on about it being the worst snow for 18 years...Erm no we had worse snow 3 years ago lol...That time instead of the usual 2-3 inches in my street we had 2 feet

Anyways Mikey has respite tomorrow (providing place is open) and am still undecided what all PMC stuff i want to get...You will find out in due course what it is :o)

Toodle pip tc

PS: some pics from this afternoon before more snow came down...I just liked the pinks and blues in the sky


Denise said...

Beautiful sky.

AktoMan said...

Sorry to hear about Mikey. I hope things get resolved satisfactorily.

It's an open channel, so I'll not say any more.

Cathy said...
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AktoMan said...

Got it, Cathy. You can delete the email address before the spammers get a hold.