Monday, 9 February 2009


As i briefly mentioned the other day i have started a 1 morning a week course at the local college...I signed up for it last may or june and am glad it has finally started...As most of you know Garath has a phobia of buttons which a) sounds weird and b) not too annoying...It is extremely irritating and annoying and restrictive...He can appear standoffish as he won't stand close to someone wearing buttons...He can't wear a shirt or a smart jacket...Shirts are ok for now as ones that stud fasten are sort of in fashion...Jackets are a whole different ball game...Hence this course which is all about pattern making and designing garments...Or you can adapt a bog standard garment pattern...That is what i intend to do with a gents suit jacket pattern...Where i will get material from is another story...We have john lewis and 1 other shop that sells fabric...John lewis don't have material that is suitable for a suit whether you be female or male and the other shop can only order in...I'd prefer to see in person but that is going to entail travelling some distance :o( I may have to do the same for a pattern i don't know yet as i haven't checked that out...We learnt how to mark out a bodice pattern today...Next week is trousers...Needless to say i am not allowed to walk down the road with Mikey or to associate with him if i bump into him at college lol...Even today when i told him i would take him for lunch and we would go buy the tea towels and padlock he needs for wed...I had to phone his mobile several times before he would answer it to then inform me he was stood outside poundland...I was expecting him to wait for me outside college lol

Apparently it was -12 degrees here last night...Ok it did feel cold but not as cold as some other nights have been...It's supposed to get colder tonight...There are huge icicles hanging from the leaking overflow that look quite dangerous...The bloke out the back has put buckets down to catch the water as it was freezing on his tarmac and making it dangerous to walk on...and the numptie who owns the flat that has the leaking overflow still says it's not his!!!!!...Am defo phoning enviromental health tomorrow or maybe going down and into the council offices to speak to them...My bedroom is uninhabitable cos of the damage and it's starting to be a real nuisance...I'd post photos of the snow but i haven't taken any as it's not a rare occurance lol...Even the icy pavements aren't rare as it is now 8 years ago since i fell on very thick ice on my pavement and damaged my scapula...I did think they would have had the pavement gritter out on the main streets though...My pavement still wouldn't get done although the pavement at other side of the street would...It's a different area and any jobsworth pavement gritter people have refused to do this side even though they have to drive back up the flipping street...Although i like snow i do want enough of it to disappear so i can collect some leaves and anything else similar that will burn away...Not for a fire for something else.

Toodle pip tc xx

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AktoMan said...

Am intrigued as to what you intend to do with leaves. But don't spoil the suspense.