Monday, 9 February 2009

Who do you think you are

Am watching Who Do You Think You Are with Fiona Bruce...Her journey has taken her up to the Moray firth coast about 20-25 miles along from where i grew up...What they have shown of one of her ancestors fishing life is same as my grandads would have been...Do find it amusing Elgin being called a town...It is a town but also because it has a cathedral it is a cathedral city...Do wish the narrator would stop pronouncing Moray as in Mo - ray like the eel...People from up there pronounce it same as you would murray...Am curious now to know where the poorhouse was in Buckie...I kinda of want to try and trace my family tree but am not sure where to begin...I can go back to the late 1800's easily as my grandparents were born then...The families on both sides were so big that i'd need a massive wall to write it all down on lol...I have a friend who does genealogy as a job so i will ask her about it all...Just been interesting seeing bits on the telly from up my home way


andylaytonjames said...

Helo Cathy I am from the BUCKIE area and I was to along with my friend who still lives there curious as to where the POOR HOUSE is It could be down near the harbour a big 3 storey building or the big hoose near the Cathoulic church I will find out tho

Denise said... is good, also the mormon site and genes reunited.