Thursday, 27 November 2008

Still breathless

Am still breathless so looks like docs tomorrow IF i can get an appointment...Must say am sorely tempted to wait until night time and go to out of hours doctors...Why you may ask, well thurs and fri nights my lovely GP works at the out of hours service...So see if i wait until the night instead of trying during the day i might get to see my own lovely GP...Am actually quite worried about all this...I have my craft fair thingy tomorrow evening and i have got to go to it...I need to sell some of my wares...Speaking of which cos of capput ribs and being all breathless (like dirty phonecall type) i can't get to the doohdah i used to use for displays when i did fairs before...It's at the very back of the cupboard on the stairs...It would require a lot of moving of stuff which i would feel duty bound to sort out and put half of in the bin...So my solution has been to buy some teensy christmas trees...I know, i know christmas doesn't start until 1st dec in my book but well if my stall looks festive then peeps may be more tempted to purchase...The teensy christmas trees (approx 10 inches high) are for hanging earrings on...I have battery operated lights to decorate the stall with as well...Ohhh i have also made christmassy earrings...Only 9 pairs in two designs...1 design being an angel and the other a snowman...Made with silver components...Not real silver but silver plated...M got the angels straight away but pointed out i had missed the halo...So they now have halos :o) G didn't have a scooby as to what the angels were but he guessed snowman after guessing santa...I've spent the evening pricing everything except the earrings...I need to cut up acetate later to hang them on and put the prices on...Tomorrow i need to make business cards, get a float from bank and a cheap white sheet.

Toodle pip tc xx


Dreamy said...

I do like the idea of mini christmas trees for displaying earrings.. I expect to see piccies :)

And make sure you do go to the docs, missus.

Jan said...

What a good idea ,Christmas tres to display your earings ,I would like to see a picture of it when it is all set up ,and some pics of the Christmas earings ,I do hope you get to see your fave Doc and feel better soon dont forget you extention lead for your lights Jan xx

Jeannette said...

I would see the doctor you feel happiest with, one you have confidence in. We shall start putting our lights up over the weekend. We always switch them on for the 5th which is our anniversary.