Monday, 17 November 2008


Sobs, sniffs, wails and cries...Don't nag i did try to get an appointment today just the only one was with vile horrid GP i refuse to see and at a non suitable time anyways...Will try again tomorrow morning PROMISE

Denise their isn't any money being spent on these consultations...It's actually one of the disabled children and families officers from local carers centre that has got them organised...Two during the daytime and two in an evening and still few people are attending...And it would be a safe bet that those who don't attend then moan the loudest when cuts are made and they get naff all for their children...They can't exactly claim they didn't know about them either as they are in the parent/carer newsletter which gets sent out from every school both SEN and mainstream to any child with SEN in the city.

Stuart in reply to a comment you left recently i went with the people you recommended.

Lynne i can say what i want about himself as there is a 24 hour flight between us

Am going to bed soon to warm up as it is baltic here today...Oh here's a giggle for yous...The radiators in the court here in abdn are controlled by the court in edinburgh...So if it is warm down there they'll switch the heating off or on if cold with no regard as to what the weather is like up here...I found that out today when freezing in the place :o) Who was it said the law is an ass???? cos the people in charge of it in whatever form can be asses too :o)


Jeannette said...

Never realised you were in Abderdeen, that is where my Grandmother was born as you know. I can imagine how chilly it is up there. Hope you get an
appointment o.k. Know what you mean about not liking a particular doctor.

Sara said...

Hope you manage to get an appointment today, with someone other than Dr Vile n Horrid :o)

Jan said...

Oh Cath I hope you are able to see a decent Doc and feel better soon ,that is crazy your heating works ,brrrr JKan xx