Sunday, 30 November 2008

Pics from fri evening

The angel earrings...When i first made them M recognised what they were but pointed out i had forgotton to put on halos lol...So i had to take them all apart and make them again complete with halos...They were popular :o) They look huge in this pic but they are less than an inch tall

These are the snowmen...They were even more popular than the angels and they are around same height as the angels.

The other pics are just general ones of the stall...I was late in arriving to set up so it was a rush job...The tree idea wasn't going to work with very little time to arrange so i gave up...Normally i would have a large homemade cabinet thing at the back for earrings to hang in...That's the item that i can't get to just now...The pics were taken later on as i didn't have time before the event opened...The table was fuller with more earrings and more bracelets...Actually the bracelets were very popular which suprised me...I did sell a couple of necklaces but hey ho...Oh by the time i took the pics my table covering had been pulled about everywhere...I did really well and sold a fair few items and made a fair bit of money considering it was a school event so am chuffed :o)
I hate the way blogger does pics it is so annoying grrr


Jeannette said...

Your jewellery is so pretty, I wish I could have got there. I love the angels and also the colours of the things laid out on the table. Very clever, glad you made some money.

Stuart said...

well done it all looks splendid

Missie said...

The jewelry is beautiful!

Have a good week.