Tuesday, 4 November 2008

K's birthday and not a lot

It's been drab and dreich and ever so horrid and freezing cold the last few days...Literally freezing cold as the temps have been down as low as minus 3 at night here I've been left with the most awful dry cough that nowt over the counter is helping...Am spending my days and nights cough, cough, coughing away trying to not have to go to the loo in the process...Coughing so much that there is traces of blood and people think am being sick when they hear me... Couldn't get an appointment with a GP i will actually see today though...Gonna try tomorrow...At least G got his flu jag on monday :o) He should be okies now as usually once he has the jag that's him no colds until the folloowing year...M as per usual ain't got this grrrr...Seriously he never gets anything that is going around...Might be an idea to poke, prod and test him and then market whatever it is in his system that makes him like that lol.

For her birthday K got a sterling silver hot diamonds charm bracelet with a couple of charms from my mum and 2 sisters (their families too)...They're really pretty :o) From a family friend she got some money and she also got money from her father...Woopty doohs $100 again...I know it sounds bad saying that but it was her 21st and therefor a special birthday...I was hoping he'd have sent her a memento to keep as well...His mum has some things for her which she'll need to pick up...From me and the boys she got this really gorgeous silver and opal jewellery by an australian designer...At least am sure the woman in the gallery said the designer is australian...The opals aren't the usual cream or pale blue...They are more a very bright aqua blue and very firey...I will take pics of what i got K and post them for you all to see...We went out for a meal on fri evening when K got home here...We went somewhere we hadn't been before and am not sure if i will go back...Not that the food wasn't good but i prefer potatoes to having chips with everything and the portions weren't that big for the price...On sat we ventured north to visit mum and my sisters...But everyone came to mums so we didn't actually go anywhere except hers lol...And even though am supposed to be back on a diet again i did have some cullen ice cream...It has to be done as it is the best ice cream in scotland if not the world :o)

Yesterday K and me went into town so she could get her hair cut and get some furry boots...Cheap ones from primark that are ever so cosy...I bought some C word lights from primark and they don't work So going to have to take them back and pray they have more back in as they were the last ones...I have plent C word lights but i loved these and well they could be used on my stall at the school craft fayre...See a good excuse :o) Right gonna go have a wee lie down and hopefully the american election results show will put me to sleep...No offense to our american friends as the UK ones do the same...I really want some proper sleep without coughing and coughing and waking myself up

Toodle pip tc xx


Missie said...

Sounds like K had a great birthday!

Sara said...

Happy Birthday K :o)

You poor sausage... hope you got some decent sleep last night, and that you get to see a doctor today.

If you do decide to market whatever it is in M's system, could J and I have a bottle?



Ally Lifewithally said...

Happy Birthday to K sounds like she got some lovely presents ~ Hope your cough gets better soon and you do get to see the Doctor today ~ Ally x

Denise said...

Hope you had a great day K, happy 21st birthday xx Hope you feel better soon Caff

Dreamy said...

Sounds like she had a great day.. I'm sure you're not old enough to have a 21 year old child (is that enough creeping for today?) :D

Jan said...

A very Happy Belated Birthday to Kerry I cant believe she is 21 ,it seems no time at all since she was setting off for college ,I hope you get to see a Doc and your cough is now so much better ..love Jan xx

Lainey Laine said...

Awwwww poor you with that bad cough. Hope it goes soon. Laine xx