Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Beads galore

K didn't get back home when she was going to...She had intended to stay for a week then go back south but she has succumbed to this nasty throat infection thing...Took her to the out of hours doctors on sunday night after a lot of wrangling with NHS24...Bunch of useless eejits them lot are...Took the details and said they'd get a nurse to call back soon, after nearly 3 hours no call so i called them...They'd been busy i was told but they don't just have 1 nurse in the call centre...They don't even have just one call centre they have several...We can't see our out of hours GP service without going through NHS24...This i know angers several of the GP's who help to man the service but they can't do much about it...My own GP practice was one of the ones who initially set up the joint service across the whole city...Anyways when we eventually got an appointment it was for 10.45pm and to be honest i think we'd have been better going to A&E...The GP on duty was next to useless and very dismissive...As it is because K is now here longer than suppsoed she had run out of prescription pills she takes daily...So phoned my GP and got her an appointment with the delightful GP she misses so much...He gave her the medication she'd run out of and also looked in her throat...And he immediately said antibiotics and was horrified she'd been dismissed so casually on sunday night...As the SYP are meeting here this weekend coming K is staying until the weekend regardless...She had a call about a job she applied for but didn't get...They had said they were going to keep her on file and they were true to their word...They're doing the checks just now and need a couple of forms filled in via email and fingers crossed she will be employed by them...She did tell them she is stuck up here ill at the mo and won't be back until next week like...That was fine with them...The job is with customs and excise LOL...Fingers crossed she gets it...She gave up university because her health problems were causing too much hassle with uni :o(

I ordered lots of beads the other week from a couple of places...One of which i have used in the past and didn't take too long to send the goods...I got an email last thurs confirming shipment and that i would get the goods either the next day or the day after...Hmmm that packet arrived today along with 2 others...Mind you that does mean i don't have to stay in until the postie has been...One of the parcels was from hong kong...Never ordered from over there before but it was cheapest place for factory packs of swarovski crystals...They're defo not fakes as the brilliance is on a par with from elsewhere...Swarovski are the most brilliant and shiny you can get...Ok they are all manmade but none of the others has that clarity...Any of the costumes you see covered in crystals or wedding dresses etc will be swarovski and not czech or lesser quality...That is the one main worry about ordering beads etc from over in that part of the world as fakes are rife...Postage wasn't anymore than from buying in this country from that particular seller...I also ordered stuff on sunday night and it arrived today as well...Think next time i use the first place i will make sure i order well in advance of needing lol...Does anyone know if a normal everyday printer is likely to be able to print on acetate and stay there???? Just before i maybe try it out...Suppose i could go to printer place at end of the street but he has been a bit dismissive in the past...I want business cards on acetate not the usual card...I could do them myself by hand writing i suppose but that would be too much of a phaff...Oops just noticed time got to go take M to fun club

Toodle pip tc xx


Missie said...

I hope your daughter's throat gets better. Have a good hump day tomorrow.

Jane said...

I'm sure I used to print stuff on acetate sheets for overhead displays for presentations Cathy, and that was on just an ordinary printer. Maybe your type of acetate is different tho?

Fingers crossed that your daughter gets the job :O)