Sunday, 30 November 2008


I got an appointment on fri but obviously with a different gp...First he tried to explain why you usually get an infection if you have a fracture on ribs...It did kinda go over my head a bit...I can understand the not taking as deep breaths bit though which can cause mucus to build up instead of never happening...Anyways upshot is he didn't think i'd been on the antibiotics long enough to tell anything yet...He asked if i could feel any difference in my chest infection...As i don't feel like i have a chest infection then i ain't got a scooby if the pills are working or not lol...I know the painkillers are working and to be honest they're all i care about at the mo...The gp did sound me and said it wasn't turning pneumoniaic yet...Not sure if i spelt that right but that's word he used even if it looks made up...He told me to take it easy, own gp said to keep moving, he said i'd be breathless for a few weeks anyways, own gp said i should be better in 2-3 weeks...Mind you last bit my own gp said when it was just cracked ribs with no infection.

I was way disorganised and not at all anywhere near ready for the craft thingy that evening...My 'business cards' ended up a disaster...I printed them on the wrong side and the ink wouldn't dry right...On my way there i had to return a mirror i'd bought which had a part missing...Well i got the most horrendous fright on way to the venue after changing the mirror...Luckily i was only going at 5-10 miles an hour but i still hadf to slam on the breaks...It was dark and there was a group of kids with a male adult i presumed was the father walking on the pavement...They were heading towards a pedestrian crossing when all of a sudden this tiny figure ran out across the road right in front of me...Not on the crossing but before it and the lights weren't even for pedestrians anyways...The idiot adult and the idiot older kids, two must have been at least 12, weren't holding the little ones hand or keeping an eye on him...How i managed to not knock him down i still dunno but obviously am glad i didn't...I did hit my horn really loud, not at the wee lad but at the others...They still hadn't noticed what had just transpired...Even when i wound down my window to speak to the adult he didn't look bothered at all and still NO-ONE took that wee lads hand or arm :o( I really wanted to stop but i didn't have time but i was shaking for ages afterwards and it didn't do my ribs any good eitherI just can't understand people who don't keep an eye on their wee ones...They are precious and should be looked after...Not keeping an eye on them when out and about, especially on a busy road is to me a form of abuse.

Anyways seperate entry about the craft thingy after this one...This weekend was the international market again...To be honest it was a bit so so compared to others that have happened...It was nearly all food stalls this time around with very little else...Oh apart from quite a few jewellery stalls...The coffee bloke was there though and i bought several jars of weird flavoured instant coffees for christmas pressies...I bought something for K which i can't say...I bought a handbag for my older sis that the boys say is very her...I bought her birthday pressie today as well which i was kinda talked into at a permanent stall in one of the shopping malls...Today i feel like i've done far too much and to be honest i probs have over the whole weekend but sod it.

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