Tuesday, 25 November 2008


Over the weekend i was getting more and more breathless...Not sore or anything just irritating...Well last night i went to visit one of my aunties in hospital as she had a heart bypass last monday...The nurses were ordering me to see a gp again or i was going to end up in there eeks...I had an appointment this morning i was going to cancel as we'd spoken last tues about my gynae appointment in january...But i kept it and trotted off to see him...Before i even got into his room he said you don't appear any better in fact you seem worse...HAHAHA i just lurve my GP...Turns out i have an infection because of the fracture hence being so breathless...So am back on antibiotics i was on just 3 weeks ago...IF am not breathing any better within 48 hours i have to go back to the surgery...Now that worries me because it sounds rather ominous...But even though am busy on fri i will do as am told...Hopefully by christmas i will be all fine and dandy and well rofl

Busy on fri because it is the craft evening thingy...I have a fair stock now of reasonably priced jewellery...I even have a few christmas earrings done :o) I say reasonably priced but i ain't priced anything yet lol...Reasonably priced meaning not sterling silver and not swarovski crystal...But silver or gold plated with pretty glass and other beads...I will post pics once i've taken some...I've still so much to do to be ready as i've not done this for years...Need new table coverings (cheap white double flat sheet from asda will do), a mirror, string labels amongst the more mundane lol...I do have pretty material for table covering but i want something under it hence a sheet i thought.

Anyways got to go as am feeling dizzy again as been sat up too long...Forgot to tell gp about the dizziness with the stupid breathlessness duh!!!

Toodle pip tc xx

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Denise said...

You have to do as you are told missus, look after yourself xx