Thursday, 30 October 2008

SNP are bunch of numpties

Lots of people who live in england seem to think that in scotland we get far more than is our share of anything...That we get services or medical treatments that are unavailable down south...I have always said it works both ways...Money for things like the free personal care for the elderly means cutbacks in other areas...Likewise the money to help freeze council tax has been taken from elsewhere...Somewhere very personal to me is one area that the money for that came from...Westminster put aside a 3 figure million pound sum of money to transform services, respite, care etc for families with disabled children last year...Unfortunately this money was NOT ring fenced :o( Wales have spent the money on what is was supposed to be used for...Alex Salmond and co decided to NOT use it for the purpose given but instead to use the £34 million scotland was given to freeze council tax...Now in a totally seperate initiative the scottish govt has announced a plan to increase respite weeks for families over the next 3 years...Unfortunately the money they will give to councils to make this happen is also NOT ring fenced...So the councils can basically do whatever they want with the money...And some will be as unscrupulous as the current scottish exec have been and use it for other purposes...Respite provision in my city has been DRASTICALLY CUT in recent months...Many families of disabled children or disabled or elderly adults have had their respite cut to NIL by our council...Or have been left with barely anything at all...So scotland ain't all it's cracked up to be all of the time by the media trying to whip a frenzy of envy between us and the rest of the uk...Needless to say i am disgusted with what the scottish government has done...Ok most of this is far too late for me anyways but it isn't for others...Freezing council tax has only caused all kinds of financial difficulties for councils anyway...Sounds good but is really just an unworkable gimmick.

Went out and bought K's birthday pressie today but will only describe it or post pics after she has received it as am not sure if she has found this blog yet lol.


Stuart said...

If dear reader you read comments you should know that this is not the view of msot folk in Scotland whi think they are doing a wonderful job of managing our country!

xcheekydimplesx said...

I agrees that they are numpties in failing to ringfence crucial cash, and spending cash on what it was intended for.

And honest, I haven't found this blog, describe my present! :D :D

Denise said...

Well in England they have used the money to set up focus groups to see where people most need help. Simple...give the parents the money

Jane said...

I hope you're feeling a lot better now Cathy and that the craft fair goes very well - the studd on your new pics looks lovely, I especially like the very first item.
M will win that competition and you will never need to have to worry about funding respite care again.

Did K like the scarf you knitted for her b'day btw?

ADB said...

Hi there,
Thanks for commenting on Atlantic Lines. The pink lady was at Elgin. My opinion of the SNP is unfit for publication on a public blog. I found out about the location of Dyce station the hard way - fortunately, I didn't mind the 50 minute walk as it was a nice afternoon.