Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Hmmm all i seem to have done lately is rant or moan and am afraid a wee moan today too...I tried to see my own gp yesterday as i was out of the strong painkillers and over counter wasn't helping much...Well he was off sick so i had to see someone else...The female gp i saw has been with my practice as long as my own gp and she used to be good...Note the words 'used to be'...In the past i had problems with her regarding M and something he had a long time ago...Since then i have mainly avoided seeing her but i was desperate yesterday...Now ok i may already sound prejudice BUT if one of you saw a gp who then questioned another gp in the practice medical judgement wouldn't you be annoyed too???? Especially if it was your regular gp that you see who's being judged???? I was really pissed off to say the least...First she asked me why i was there and i said i needed more painkillers...She asked why what was wrong...Hmmm she didn't have my written notes open or the computer ones showing on screen...Unprofessional to start with IMO...I explained about the cracked ribs without being sarcy or mentioning her note reading my notes...Stupid woman asked how i knew and i told her my gp had told me 2 weeks previously...This woman then had audacity to ask how he knew and had he had me x-rayed...Then muttered well no point as nowt that can be done regardless...And then asked to sound my back again to check my infection was clearing up...So the cow HAD READ my notes but chosen to ignore part of them...She was extremely reluctant to give me the painkillers and sai di should be using ibuprofen and paracetamol...I said they didn't work...So as she was printing off a prescription she hautily told me that these can be addictive and i need to stop them...Like DUH!!!! i know dihydrocoedine (in the painkillers slightly) can be addictive but i also know i've never been addicted to them...I am managing to cut down on how often i need the painkillers and am hoping that within next couple of weeks i can stop completely...Am really annoyed with this woman but i can't put in a complaint as it's my word against hers...Am just so angry that she can question in the way she did one of her fellow practitioners and partners medical judgement...I will not see her again unless i need a home visit where i can't dictate who comes to see me.

I had an order from a friend online for 2 necklaces for christmas presents that have been made and sent off...I have another order again for 2 necklaces for someone online which i will make asap as they are also for christmas presents...It may sound a bit daft but the stuff made with swarovski crystals i prefer to do to order...That's so the purchaser can choose which colour of crystals they want...I do need to order some components for that order but the place i use only takes a couple of days to send out :o)

How is the weather with everyone???? We had a most weird day yesterday...Woke up to a skimmering of snow but outside the city in the shire it was much worse and schools were closed and roads blocked...Then it snowed a wee bit later in the day...I was out but after i had shopped (ugh) when i took car out of indoor car park it was pouring with rain, by time i was almost home it had turned to sleet and rain...Once i parked the car and got out to go to corner shop it was sleet only and when i got out of the shop it was flipping snow...Then it chucked it down with rain again later lol...Today it is bitterly cold with heavy snow forecast for most of the UK tomorrow...Fortunately for most of you it will clear fairly quickly except for her in north east scotland...I don't mind snow as long as the council grit the streets (hahaha!!!) and it's proper snow...Not an inch but several inches otherwise it's just like a heavy frost or ice...Enjoy it tomorrow if you do get any :o) Sadly due to being poorly with the nasty throat virus i didn't manage to save much from my file manager bitty of hometown so i have lost all my bits and bobs for tarting up and trying to pretty up my journal...I'll need to go and look through all the clipart links i have again lol

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