Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Am well scary me

The weather has been absolutely minging here all day...Minging i might add is a good old fashioned scots word recently hijacked by the english media after being used on big brother...I've used the word minging since i was teensy little and i like it :o) Minging actually is an understatement i've been drenched several times today :o( It did kinda match my mood though...I said i thought i had fallen out with my best friend...Well she'd left a message on landline answering machine and sent a text when i didn't answer asking me not to be angry with her...Well i am big time angry and tomorrow am going round there at 6pm...See ickle old me must be very very very scary...Well i must be if a grown man runs and hides when a doorbell rings because he thinks it is me at the door...Said grown man being the expleteive deleted ex partner of my best friend...The one who has mentally abused her for the last 6-7 years...The one who has been physically abusing her for slightly less years...The one who i always saw right through...The one who disliked me totally because he knew i saw right through him...HE walked out at beg of sept...Sat was first time he'd been round to see the children, then he turned up on sunday and last night...And he turned up tonight and reason she answered the door was because she thought it was me cos she'd not long phoned the house and G said i was gonna be going round after dropping off M at club...Her doorbell had rung whilst he was round and he said that must be cathy and took off at a rate of knots and cowered and hid...Now i have absolutely no problem whatsoever with being big bad scary dude if it keeps that dickhead away from her and her kids...He's back in control and she needs to wrest that control back and she ain't gonna manage to without help...We've not fallen out am just trying to give her the imaginary kick she needs to let him realise he doesn't control her anymore...And i will get more angry with her and more angry until she sees sense.
Sandra i dunno how to reply to comments individual so gonna leave a reply here to one you left on first post...AOL don't actually get our subscription money, that money goes to and belongs to Carphone Warehouse...AOL has in effect ceased to exist as an ISP since they sold the membership to CWP and are merely a portal to the web...The only way they make money is by advertising...Now closing journals down means they lose advertising space so it really doesn't make any sense...They think they make no dosh from journals but they did because how many advertising spaces did the 1000's of journals give them DUH!!!
Now it would appear i have some lovely new people that i dunno following this madness of a blog so am gonna go have a peek at them :o)
Toodle pip tc xx


Missie said...

Have a good evening.

Jeannette said...

I like the word minging. Hope your friend gets things sorted and her husband does not cause trouble.
Aol must be losing a lot more money now as many are leaving them altogether . To comment all you do is go to someone's blog and press on the word comment.

Lainey Laine said...

Yeah I like the word minging too! It's a good word!

I think that you are a great friend for your friend and that being angry at her is the only way you can get her to do the right thing. That's a friend's kind of angry! I do it with my best friend when I want the best for her. That's what friends are for, true friends!

Laine xx