Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Good news

Am going to be a great auntie :o) ...Well i already am a great auntie or at least i like to think i am lol...My eldest nephew who got married 4 years ago is going to be a daddy...Yikes great auntie sounds so old doesn't it...My big sis is naturally over the moon...Long time to go yet though so just fingers crossed my nephews wife has a safe pregnancy

I have a craft fayre evening thingy at a local primary school at the end of nov...It's at the school one of my cousins sons attend...The kids are selling stuff they have made and they have outside stalls in as well...It will be cheap and cheerful jewellery rather than the sterling silver stuff...Doesn't mean design gets compromised just that i will use silver and gold plated components/beads instead of the real thing...It does mean i don't have long to do 101 things to be ready for it...That includes trying out packaging on the cheap andmaking business cards...So i better be 100% soon...I still feel wobbly and now have a cold and left with tickly cough

Oh we did have very light snow that didn't stay yesterday so G told me.

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Missie said...

Congrats on the new family addition on it's way!