Monday, 6 October 2008

Still lost and a wee rant

ARGHHHHH okies i found the bitty where you can add on elements and tart it all up...Problem is my tigger which is supposed to flash between Caffs and Journal doesn't and other things wouldn't work...I tried to add a list at the bottom of links to favourite or useful (IMO) sites...Did that work, did it heck...Does make me wonder if other pics with moving elements in them will work or not...I've been saving stuff out of my AOL ftp space to my HD...I wouldn't have had to if my HD hadn't died a year ago meaning i had to get a new one...Pics i've taken though aren't a problem i never stored them within AOL as such...They're all either on an SD card or as negatives somewhere lol.

G's student loan and bursary stuff has finally come through and as it should be...A week past fri he got letter from SAAS (look it up lol) saying he was getting bare minimum loan...So me being me went nuts and phoned them up...Not too hard you'd think but you'd be wrong it takes forever and a day to get through to that lot...After almost an hour on hold i got some dipstick who was about as much use a choccy fireguard...Oh says he it could take another month before he gets his bursary and loan because we've only just got your financial details and divorce confirmation...Ok says me that we can deal with but what about his disabled student allowance/grant....Oh that's been approved said he BUT it won't be released until the rest is all sorted out...At which point i said 'you what no way'...After trying to get the dipstick to understand that the DSA has SOD ALL to do with student loan or bursary i demanded to speak to someone higher up...This is the bit that proves the male personage i was speaking to is a total dipstick...He said 'there isn't anyone higher than me'...I was like 'really, are you the boss of SAAS'...He laughed and said no to which i politely informed him that meant there was someone higher up the chain than him...As it was past closing time by now he couldn't find anyone for me to speak to and through i wanted complaints anyways...Tell you this bloke was thicker than a peasouper of fog...So last mon and tues i tried to phone SAAS and gave up after over an hour of being on automatic hold...On wed i decided i was gonna hold come hell or high water until someone answered...After an hour i got dipstick again...So straight away i demanded to speak to a superior...At which point dipstick CUT ME OFF!!!!!...Thurs i couldn't get through and fri i was out all day...On saturday G got a letter from them stating full stay at home loan and full bursary and it was dated 1st oct...The day that dipstick cut me off...Am gonna phone G's disability officer and see if she can sort out the prats about the DSA money...DSA is money from the government distributed by whatever student award agency you come under...However much you get in a student loan, bursary or anything like that is totally and utterly IRRELEVANT...How much money either you or your parents have in the bank (or not as case be now) is IRRELEVANT...ALL that the DSA matters on is how you are affected by your condition and what help and support you need to do your course because of your condition...So WITHHOLDING it until anything else you may or may not have applied for to me is WRONG...If it is true that SAAS do this (am not quite sure if to believe dipstick) then i will be writing to my MP...G has met up with his buddy 4 times now and i dunno who has paid for it...He obviously doesn't have his equipment because the money hadn't been released...Luckily what they are doing just now is stuff he did for his highers 2 years ago.

Rant over lol

Toodle pip tc xx


Jeannette said...

I have found out that some animated stuff will work and some will just not, I have no idea why. I have no problem with animated siggies but pictures are different. I guess it is all trial and error.

Lainey said...

OOOOH Ive not even tried putting pics on mine yet!! I love your tigger!!! xxxxx