Tuesday, 28 October 2008


Sterling silver charm bracelet

Close up...Freshwater pearl, clear AB swarovski crystal and jet swarovski crystal

Bracelet of fine stering silver chain with freshwater pearls and clear AB swarovski crystals.

Close up

Matching earrings...Very bridal i think and there is a matching necklace...I hope to do a tiara to go with the set

Same thing but different colours of swarovski crystal

Again same earrings in different colours...I made these to use up colours i didn't like but they look fine on earrings

Same as before in pinks that is hard to see because of crap lighting on pic

This one is the 'summer' set to add to the 'autumn' and 'winter' from my old AOL journal

Close up of the earrings

Close up of the colours i decided were best for 'Summer'...Clear, light siam (red), peridot and a yellow the name of which escapes me.

This one is the 'Spring' to go with the other 3 'seasons'

I have no idea why this has come out pink but hey ho...Close up of the 'spring' earrings

Close up of the colours of the crystals i chose for 'Spring'...Fuschia, lime, clear AB and light emerald

Adding pics on here and writing bits beside them is much more of a pain than it was on AOL
Designs are my own and not to be copied please


Jeannette said...

Absolutely beautiful my friend, you are very clever.

Denise said...

Gorgeous, you have a real talent there