Tuesday, 14 October 2008

SAAS saga finally sorted

G got a letter on thurs from SAAS about his Disabled Student Allowance (DSA)...It was another mess that would need sorting out and i wasn't about to do it lol...Had enough of getting some numptie on the end of the phone who hadn't a clue...On fri i phoned his disability officer but she had the day off and wasn't going to be in until today...When our post eventually arrived on fri (can be anything between 9.30am and 12.30pm) there was another letter...This time it was a cheque for the amount stated on the previous days letter...Let me explain why it was a mess lol...With the letter from them on thurs there was a list of what was requested by his university...The letter stated he would be getting the amount shown on that list...Said list of equipment being identical to the copy we were emailed before it got sent to SAAS...One thing was missing but his disability officer (lets call her J) explained today the money for the training gets paid direct to the training company...So that makes sense that it would be deducted from the total for G to be given...BUT that still didn't explain why the amount highlighted on the list of items was different to the amount written on the accompanying (sp?) letter...And the cheque was for the amount stated on the letter which was £550 SHORT!!!!!...Which is a pretty large amount gone AWOL...Oh and the other amount highlighted on the list (bits highlighted are paid to student) was £150 for consumables...That's the allowance for printer ink and paper for the year...So J phoned SAAS herself and she only had to be on hold 20 mins (lucky her) and yes they did cock up...So he will be getting the difference sent in another cheque.
I must interrupt myself here and explain to new readers...G is aspergers but he was diagnosed quite severely non verbal autistic when he was just turned 3...He didn't actually speak until he was 5 and he has come on so much over the years...Through some determination on my part, his part and managing to get the appropriate education he is now just started at university...It is a local university as he is still unable to live away from home...The course is a Masters in Electronic & Electrical Engingeering...Old readers from AOL know this already but thought i best explain cos am nice :o) Am pretty damn proud of him actually...In the UK students who have a disability or special need of some kind can apply for a disabled student allowance...It used to be disabled student grant (DSG) and DSA but now it is all classed DSA...DSG was for equipment you need because of your condition in order to participate on the course...You don't get money for anything any student would need as par for the course...G is getting a laptop with specific programmes on it he needs because of his dyspraxia...He's also getting a dictaphone so he can record tutorials, meetings etc...Also a PDA so he can try and be organised...He has a memory like a sieve unless it's academic lol...Now you still get the equipment part but it all comes under same header of DSA...The equipment part you only get ONCE during the duration of your course...The rest which is non medical help, consumables etc you get each year...That can amount to i think around £23,000...That would of course take into account disabled students living away from home who need to be in supported accomodation...As G is living at home then he is getting money paid to his university for a buddy he can meet up with weekly and for support from the NAS (national autistic society)...So hope this explains a bit to new readers.

So back to first chapter am just glad i didn't have to phone SAAS and try and sort it out...Am going to have the dubious pleasure NOT of clearing out G's bedroom in preparation for the company that everything is coming from coming to instal it all lolol...Once the other cheque arrives he can put both into his bank account...Then after the cheques have cleared he can order the equipment and hopefully not have to wait too long.

My connection has been like wading through a quagmire all weekend...Some times the boys were online on the Wii no problem and i couldn't connect with the PC and other times other way round and rest of the time nothing worked...From reading various message boards and some posts on blogs it wasn't just me but happening to lots of people...So either CWP or BT had issues along the lines somewhere...It's late so kip time

Toodle pip tc xx


Odd Mom Out said...

I'm glad that's one saga you don't have to worry about anymore. I'm sure though since you're a mom, that saga will be replaced by others rather quickly. :-)


Odd Mom Out said...

BTW, I wanted to respond to the comment you left me but I have no idea how yet or how to find your email address. But my middle son has ASD and he's almost 7. My youngest has delays but no autism.

Jeannette said...

Oh dear, what you have to go through. You have every right to be proud of your son.

Jan said...

Oh Cath this gooes on and on with big problems at everyturn ,you should be proud of your boy ,and of all you have done for him/them ,your a gud un ..love Jan xx

Casdok said...

Many congratulations to G for getting to university. You must be very proud.

Benefits are a nightmare arnt they and take so long to sort out.
Good luck!

Sara said...

Yes, proud of your boys you definitely should be :o) Proud of yourself too I think m'dear!