Tuesday, 7 October 2008


Forgot to ask in earlier post do you like my new and improved pic???? I love my WeeMee which i created really for using on Facebook...I got fed up being 'hit' on whilst playing poker...I mean am minging looking anyways and am HAPPY being single...So cartoony me did away with that Promise i will post real me pic at some point in the future

I've managed to add some bittys to the side and the bottom...I moved the feeder doo-dah and the archive thingy to the bottom...On the bottom i also added the wild weather pic of the day thingamijig because those who read me for years on AOL will know i lurve weird weather...My dream holiday is not lying on a beach somewhere exotic (would be nice like) but to go tornado chasing and see a T5...My ex husband thought i was nuts but told me i could if i got insured...My children think am bonkers but they're used to it...Everyone else just looks at me with that sad kinda look on their faces and shake their heads :o) On the side i have created and added a slideshow of my jewellery...Well not all but some of my creations...The photos are pants but i will get them changed at some point...Do look forward to slideshows of glass painted bittys, cards and other bits n bobs in the future...Am rather miffed that i cannot seem to get Comic Sans as my font...Very irritating as i have used that font the whole of my internet life which is more years than i care to admit, lets just say i was still happily married at the time and i've been single 10 n half years.

I have a meeting in the morning so suppose i should try out the kip thing...I think i have fallen out with my best friend but not sure lol


Sara said...

Slaps you for 'minging'comment. Not very hard though, 'cause I don't want you to slap me back :o)

My Lyzzie and I have fallen out, big time. I hope that you haven't with your friend m'dear.


Indigo said...

I love your outlook on life, you must certainly don't follow the crowd (I don't either, unique is always the way to go). Welcome to this side of the blogsphere, you'll find the longer your here the more you'll like it.(Hugs)Indigo

Dreamy said...

Your kids aren't the only ones who think you're bonkers hehe (but I loves you anyway)

Jane said...

I absolutely agree with you about the weirdness of not having comic sans - I can't fix on which of the pitifully few fonts offered I prefer altho the last I used is pants. Now, pleeeeeeeese email me on how you managed to get other stuff (like photos) into your side bar please and do you know how to enter stuff with hypertext like hit counters?
And I think your layout is ace!