Wednesday, 22 October 2008

A real quickie

Ok we went to Glasgow despite me feeling like death warmed up...Actually make that death cooled down to minus goodness knows what...I look awful, sound awful and can barely move...The only reason me and M went to Glasgow was because he was auditioning again...Old readers from AOL will know he auditioned last series and now he's done it again...Is it wrong of me to hope that he doesn't get to be in front of the judges this time????? I just don't think i could hack tootling off to glasgow to sit around for hours again and most exciting thing to happen is you meet titch and titchier aka Ant & Dec...When we came out of the armadillo (audition venue) we saw people we know from up here in aberdeen...Am gonna phone one of them tomorrow to see how they thought they got on...At least M had a backing track this time...Oh and one of the researchers recognised him from last time which was a surprise...Oh well we hear before jan21st as that is when the auditions seen on tv are filmed.

Excuse me if i don't actually comment on anyone elses blogs in the next few days...My whole body was aching before we set off for glasgow and it's worse now...Tomorrow is going to be spent in bed or on the sofa curled up under a duvet feeling cack and probably the next few days as well...I was just kidding about sending this to anyone...I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy as i haven't felt like this for years...Just hope am able to pick up my glass at the weekend...That will be explained in another entry

Toodle pip tc xx


Jan said...

What a good Mum you are taking your boy to Glasgow when you felt so poorly ,I hope you soon feel better dont worry about commenting just get your self better Jan xx

Indigo said...

Hope you feel better soon hon. Rest yourself. The journals are not going anywhere. (Hugs)Indigo

Missie said...

Feel better!

Denise said...

Hope you feel better soon, not sure why your blog isn't appearing in my dashboard thingy