Thursday, 9 October 2008


WOOHOO i've managed to transfer old AOL journal to here on blogger...It was so simple and easy to do and i think it transfered all the written stuff fine...Will need to do a check and match before 31st like...I won't write in it anymore but only on this one but it is good to have it transfered and not lost...That way i can peruse at my leisure to gather the posts i wish to keep and print them off for posterity...Well at least until i one day decided i may just write a book...At least the last 3 years are on the journal, not all but enough to trigger the memories...The rest isn't as i never kept a diary before i started the journal on AOL...I do often think it would be good to write down the experiences i have had of living and coping with my sons and their autistic spectrum disorders...Old readers from AOL will already know that like.

BTW i did go round to my friends and it didn't turn up...Shame as i wish it had done would have been fun to see his face...I have begged her to go to womans aid as am sure they can give advice even after the violent partner has left the home...He still has a hold over here and she needs advice on how to make that break stick which i can't give.


Sara said...

Hope your friend stays strong m'dear.

Nothing wrong with the word minging by the way, just didn't like that you used it to describe yourself!


Stuart said...

You do have the squiigle letters

Jane said...

Clever clever woman to shift your aol blog here. Now, please, email me immediately to tell me how to do it. Please. I'm begging here. On my knees. Pretty please.