Tuesday, 16 December 2008


ARRGGHHHHHHHHHHH no1!!!!!!! It's only a week really until christmas as such...Ok a week tomorrow 'till christmas eve...And am nowhere near ready :o( Ok the throat thing and the rib thing did set me back...Am afraid that this year i think i will just post cards that are bought from the shop to peoples instead of sending them beautiful handmade by me ones...I don't have the time and it is really beginning to stress and annoy me that i haven't made them yet...That's what the throat thingy and rib thingy really set back.

ARRGGHHHHHHHHHHH no2!!!!!!! I just realised the other day that what i had for my mum for her christmas pressie is no use to give to mum...Mum absolutely hates the colour blue so much so i remember her refusing to sit on a sofa she liked in a shop because it was blue...We did get that suite just in a different colour lol...Well the glass pieces i bought from the international market back in sept to give to her are all half blue...EEEKKKKS defo can't give that to mum...So what do i get a 77 year old that doesn't need anything...I've bought some slippers but i need to get her something else...she doesn't need perfume as she has enough still from when i last got her lol

ARRGGHHHHHHHHHHH no3!!!!!!! me and Garath have spent the better part of today trying to clear out, clean up and gut Mikeys room...His new double bed arrives on thurs and there is just no-way am going to have his room arranged how i want before then...Plus moving so much stuff, washing down stuff and the like has made my ribs decided they hate me again :o( Mikey did help when he got home from college...Tomorrow i need to finish that a bit and do a temporary arrangement of furniture until my ribs can cope with moving stuff proper like...Plus tomorrow i need to make space for the bed to get into his room in first place lol...Did you know that argos do some of their patterned duvet covers in double duvet size...Patterened as in like high school musical kind??? Well if you didn't before now you do as i learnt on sunday and am not amused...I wanted a king size duvet for Mikey but no i had to get the HSM duvet set grrrrrr so double duvet it is...Least i got it in a special pack along with 2 pillows from asda tonight for £8

ARRGGHHHHHHHHHHH no4!!!!!!! My decorations still aren't up...Even my tree isn't up...See i always start with the stuff i put up on my part of the stairwell and then a few days or a week later the stuff for inside the flat goes up...But not really any decorations up in the stairwell because of the water thing...Some battery operated lights and that's it :o( After Mikeys bed gets here and set up then am going to do the decorations in the living room...The delay in them is also the rib thing and i know the boys could help BUT am afraid i like my decorations done in a set way and specific ones in specific place...Very autistic of me

Think i will go play with my fairy in my fairy garden on Facebook and maybe some Word Twist
Toodle pip tc xx
PS: I dunno what to get Kerry really but i can't ask on here because she READS this journal


Sara said...

ARRGGHHHHHHHH!!! Am joining in with you :o)

The High School Musical thing made me smile... I am sooo going to have to buy things like that for J when he's older too. Our boys are funny aren't they :o)


Denise said...