Friday, 26 December 2008

Boxing Day

After an eventful christmas eve for more reasons than i wrote in here christmas day has been and gone...I refused to let what upset me big time on christmas eve ruin christmas totally for me...Even Mikey calling me ridiculous on christmas eve late in the evening i refused to let upset me anymore...Ridiculous because daftie here decided to put a set of white battery lights on one of the mini trees i bought for the christmas fayre Hey i like being a bit daft especially with christmas lights...I bought myself a light up snowman that plugs into the computer and kerry nicked it so i had to buy another for me.

Anyways my lot didn't waken up until quite late and mostly got money...Mikey has been out and spent all his this afternoon and no not in the sales I got bubbles & truffles from santa, a large choccy shell with ickle choccy shells inside from santa, some belgian choccys from santa and a tigger calendar from santa...I got perfume from all 3 of them...I got a cuddly polar bear that you heat up in microwave from kerry...I got the new killers CD from mikey and he had bought a beautiful christmas bouquet of fake christmas flowers from the college charity shop...I got a ticket to go and see the Kaiser Chiefs in feb from garath...My older sis gave me some money and my younger sis got me some candles...My mum we banned from giving us anything and she did as she was told...I also got a dragon from one of my bestest friends for being a good friend and listener this year...Silly woman that she is

We set up a table in the living room as mikey wanted...He set it with the cover and mats and the posh cutlery and glasses...We even had crackers this year :o) Neither of the boys used to like crackers as the noise was too much for them...Our dinner may not have been traditional but we enjoyed it...As i can't have chicken anymore i did buy a steak for myself but didn't bother...I just had sausage meat stuffing (yum) with plenty chipolatas and rolls of bacon...Kerry and Garath had chicken breast stuffed with mozarella wrapped in bacon...Mikey had just plain chicken...Kerrys friend had vegetarian spring rolls...She's a nightmare as she is a severly lactose intolerant vegetarian...For pudding she had fruit salad and meringue...We had meringues, fruit salad, scooshy cream, pouring cream, mini eclairs and profiteroles...No leftovers except for leftover sweets...Today we're going to be completely non traditional and have some corned beef hash lol...I just watched Madagascar as i'd never seen it before...It's hilarious even if it is a kids feature length cartoon...Below are some pics of the tree and decorations...All of them were bought in sales or cheaply...I love the glass spiral baubles because they are so different...Hope you all had a fabby day yesterday

Toodle pip for now tc xx

Glass snowflakes glass drops

chandelier lights our new tree 6 feet high and black

My glass spiral baubles glass star bauble with snowman inside

teensy white and silver fairy white, glittery snowflake

colour changing snowman light...He turns yellow and green and white as well all randomly

See i put fake snow down amongst my dragons and in front of the telly lol


Ally Lifewithally said...

Caff I just love the pictures of your tree and decorations ~ sounds like you all had a good Christmas and some lovely pressies ~ Santa really did spoil you ~ Ally x

Jan said...

So pleased Christmas turned out alright ,you had some nice pressies and my your decorations look lovely , Jan xx

Sandra said...

Hi Caff, it sounds like Santa has been really good to you this year and that Christmas was a happy time for you all. Can I borrow your Killers CD? ;o)

Love Sandra xxxx

Denise said...

All sounds like good fun, glad you manage to enjoy yourself despite the upset.

ADB said...

Nice to see you had an enjoyable Xmas, Cathy. Best wishes for a happy 2009.