Sunday, 14 December 2008


It's stopped raining thank goodness...I still have umpteen buckets and basins out to catch water though and they are staying there until the roof is watertight...Am just praying for no more rain for a while...Well at least not any more torrential rain like fri and sat.

Is it just me or do others have problems with pics on here??? When i put the pics on for this entry i had to press done real quick because the same one was repeating over and over again...Think i had 14 tiggers at one point that i had to delete rofl...Today i was supposed to gut Mikeys room but i had a headache and felt sickly so i went back to sleep after taking him to respite...Not like i can put it off for long though as his new bed will arrive on thurs...He made me buy him a high school musical duvet cover today Yes they do it in double duvet size I wanted grown up and manly...Oh well he's off tomorrow so he can help and Garath is off now until after the holidays so he can help as well...Especially with building the bed and moving the warddrobe as i don't want to strain the ribs too much...Am not taking the painkillers as much now...If i've done too much then i need to take a couple or sometimes i wake up sore and need to take a couple.

I was pleased that Alexandra won the X Factor last night...Apart from Ruth she was the best finalist IMO...Am also pleased that on Strictly Come Dancing they put all 3 semi finalists through to the final...That was on grounds of fairness as two of the couples had the same marks from the judges...Am also pleased cos i would love Tom to win...Holby won't be the same when Sam leaves Even if he doesn't win at least we get another week of looking at him shaking his nice tight bottom :o) ...I got Mikeys pressie yesterday after putting off buying it for a few weeks...I got him a camcorder and the one i was looking at for last few weeks was on offer in Asda for £120...Well it then went down to £117 and some pence after the vat reduction...Yesterday they dropped it to £99 :o) So it paid to wait lol.

Oh just before i go can you over indulge in satsumas???? I just ate 8 of them but in fairness they were little ones :o)

Toodle pip tc xx


Sara said...

I'm grinning at you, 'cause of the eight satsuma thing... I thought that it was only my J could eat them in those quantities!

I'm really glad that Alexandra won X Factor too, she was my fave :o)


Stuart said...

eating that number will save you a trip to the tanning salon ;#)

Jeannette said...

I do hope that your roof gets fixed very soon, must be awful.

Sandra said...

Hi Caff, I`m glad its stopped raining though I do hope you get your roof fixed soon. I don`t watch the X factor but I love Strictly and am glad they are all going through to the final. I would rather Rachel or Lisa won but at the moment I have no idea who will. Can`t wait until Saturday! :o)

Love Sandra xxxx

Sandra said...

Forgot to say Caff, I have the same problem with some of the graphics I upload. What I do now is to be as quick as I can pressing DONE just in case it repeats.

Love Sandra xxxx