Thursday, 4 December 2008

Some pics and some nattering

Below are some pics of a few of the silver plated with various other beads items i have currently made...I did turn round the prices on the tags in the pics so they weren't visible lol...I also found out this week that paypal take a small admin fee off any money paid into your account...So i need to work out what that is and price appropriately for selling online...Or can that come under P&P??? Hmmm doubt that but am sure i can think of something...I have another 2 necklaces to make that are of the sterling silver with swarovski crystals variety...Well one will be with gold plated as the person the present is for doesn't like silver...Or it may be with 9ct gold it all depend son how much i am for a 9ct gold chain in the discount shop in town that sells chains etc...buying from a supplier online or by mail order is far too cost prohibitive...Well unless the purchaser is willing to spend a fortune :o)

Did you get snow today where you live in the UK???? Am sure that plenty of our american readers either did or already are knee deep at least in snow...Am rather miffed the forecast for where i am was WRONG...We had chucking down rain and more chucking down rain, naff all snow and highest temps we've had in the last couple of weeks...Am rather partial to snow and would have much prefered it to the horrid rain.

Main reason for this entry really is that tomorrow Mikey is going to be doing a talk to some students at the uni Garath goes to...This is via the local carers centre and it is Social Work students he will be talking to...The woman going with him is going to talk about being a carer first and then Mikey will talk about his autism and how it has affected him...Am really proud that he is managing to do this again...Perhaps it could turn into something that he can do often like others similar to himself do...Although usually they have aspergers and Mikey is high functionung autistic...I have been in the past to talks by a woman in her 30s who is autistic and she is brilliant to listen to...Also she gets paid quite well for doing talks and lectures...Mikey is more than happy to do it if it helps others like him get treated better and if it raises awareness :o)

Green crackle glass with silver plated rounds

Close up and this one is 18 inch length

Metalisised (sp?) glass beads with silver plated and AB coated glass beads

Close up of the blue one it is 18inch length

Close up of pink one and it is 16 inch length

3 necklaces with lampwork glass beads and silver plated chain
All are 18 inch length

Close up of the pink lampwork heart

Close up of pink lampwork glass ovals

Green metalisised (is it really a word erm answers on a postcard please) glass rounds with silver plated ovals

Close up


LYN said...

you do good work!! No snow here in Florida but it is a bit chilly...

Jeannette said...

When you get the prices worked out let me know...after Christmas I might well indulge myself. No, we did not get any snow, we never do. I had so hoped. I mean Nathan is four and a half and he has never really experienced it neither has Daniel. I remember with affection all the snowy winters when I was a child. Good luck to your son.

Jan said...

Oh Cath these are all beautiful ,arent you clever ? very well done your son doing his talk for other youngsters how admirable of him Jan xx