Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Pics and bits

Thought i would post some pics of the 2 necklaces i had as an order from a friend...I took some snaps quickly to show her as the silver one is slightly different to what she had seen and the gold one she'd not seen at all...The silver one that she had seen used sterling silver cubes and this one has saucers...I was 1 cube short of the amount needed for necklace...It does look pretty with the saucers though and they are much easier to source...Cubes are difficult to find lol...The gold one i have used 9ct gold as i managed to find a chain necklace that made it feasible...9ct gold chain bought on it's own and then buying the catch and jump ring would be rather expensive...I did buy 9ct gold wire though as i needed that for the crystals...That varies in price a heck of a lot and even then ain't that cheap...If i do anything in proper gold it will only be 9ct and even then won't be done depending on the design...And at the end of the day that will depend on if the buyer wishes to pay the money that will cost...That's why i prefer working in sterling silver it is far more affordable...The gold one does look very pretty though :o) I did this one for my mum for her birthday but in silver and hadn't taken a pic at all...I did her matching earrings as well

Mikey has an outing to the local big panto tonight...Alan Fletcher from Neighbours is starring in it...He's going with the tues club he goes to and they got the tickets for free...He had his christmas party for the tues club on sat afternoon...I gave him a tube of prawn cocktail pringles because i knew he would eat them and there was nothing on the buffet list we had to provide that he would eat...Well finally he went and ate stuff and now the irritating thing is i ain't got a clue what some are...Chicken triangles anyone??? Your guess is as good as mine as i know it wasn't the chicken satay i had to provide...He has decided he likes sausage rolls now so that's cool...Typical though isn't it...You say that our offspring don't like and won't eat and they end up making you out as a fibber...Just usually it's done at an earlier age than 17 lol.

Apart from that nowt exciting has been occuring...Oh Garath has learnt how to skive off uni this week...Only taken him the whole term whereas most students would do it in the first week rofl...He's only actually skiving because they're doing revision and he doesn't need the revision lectures...His exams are in jan i think...Oh yes Mikey on fri doing the talk...He did extremely well i was told last night...He got a huge round of applause and was given a George at asda gift card that has £20 on it...They also found a student who is very interested in working with the Triple A's so that is brill

Sterling silver chain, wire, saucers and rounds with aquamarine swarovski crystals

9 carat gold chain with 6mm AB bicones and baroque style pendant


Jan said...

Had to laugh when you say he made you out to be a liar ,Im pleased he tried it though and found it was nice ,as usual your jewlery is beautiful ,oh yes Im pleased the talk went well too ,you must feel so proud ,hope youi are feeling better ..love Jan xx

Sandra said...

Hi Caff, sorry I haven`t been to your journal lately. For some reason I don`t have your link though I`m sure I copied it ages ago. Never mind, I`m here now. Thanks for the comment on my journal, now it`s my turn to leave one on yours. I adore jewellery and I love what you are making, you are so clever. I`m glad the family are doing well and the boys are doing well at uni and college. :o)

Love Sandra xxxx

Missie said...

The jewelry is gorgeous!