Sunday, 14 December 2008

christmas present

Well last christmas was bad enough but this year i dunno if i will be in the flat come christmas day...For those reading that don't know last christmas i spent christmas eve in A&E or ER for american readers...On the fri before christmas i was carrying shopping into the block when i tripped and fell...At that point i was carrying my new flat screen telly and didn't want to drop it so i went splat all over the doorstep instead...The following day i felt a bit sore but i drove 140 miles to pick up my daughter and then same back home again...On the sunday i was still sore but drove 70 miles north to visit my sisters and mum and then the same back again...By the mon morning i was in agony and managed to see my GP who sent me to A&E with suspected broken clavicle...It wasn't but i spent christmas in pain and not able to do much....Reason am not sure about this christmas is the roof...Readers from AOL will remember the leaking roof...The one that's been leaking for months and months...That has made my bedroom uninhabitable and the lad in flat above that side his flat a horrid mess...Well the slaters came on thurs and put up the scaffolding...I have been told they were round on fri doing some work but as i was out all day i dunno...What i do know is that when i came in around 7.20pm there was no damp bit on my half landing...At 9pm when i went to go to corner shop there was a damp bit on the new carpet...When i got back i put down a bucket, then i put down a basin and some small tubs...I went up to the half landing between mine and the flats directly above...The carpet was soaking about 3 steps down towards mine :o( I put a bucket down there as well under the worst bit...It was pitch dark and my torch is broken...I lit a candle to go all the way up to the top and someone had already put a basin down...The bucket and basins on my half landing aren't anywhere near full...The bucket on the half landing leading upstairs was nearly full :o( I emptied it and bought more cheap basin from asda when i was out this afternoon...They are all down on the landing now...Right up the top i have moved the fullish basin and put down a bucket...the bucket is under the main drip...I say drip it is like a waterfall :o( Now it has been horrendous lashing rain all yesterday and today...I don't know if the water is coming through so bad because of the existing condition of the roof...Or maybe the slaters having started working on it have removed whatever tis they are removing at that point and not secured some waterproofing properly...Now there is a bucket right up the top am hoping that catches the worst until monday...BUT my worry is that with so much water having been pouring down through 2 levels what state the stairs are in and how safe they are :o( I am really worried that they may collapse higher up :o( So last christmas it was A&E this christmas it could be a homeless shelter!!!! I just PRAY the rain STOPS overnight and stays OFF for a good few days


Sandra said...

How awful Caff, you shouldn`t have to put up with that over Christmas. I do hope the leak is fixed very soon.

Love Sandra xxxx

Sara said...

I remember the telly incident from last year... this is all you need now this year! It's awful that they've left you all in such a mess. Really really really hope that it's all sorted by Christmas, and that you're all dried out by then.