Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Christmas Eve

Well 'tis Christmas eve and i am rather tired...We went and visited mum and my sisters yesterday...In the middle of the night i went shopping to 24 hour asda and tesco to get the frozen things i was after...So i slept in this morning...I feel stiff from the driving so maybe my sis was right lol...Remember last year i ended up in A&E on christmas eve morning/afternoon...Well this year it was the turn of the friend who took me to A&E last year lol...I shouldn't laugh as she was rushed there in an ambulance as it looked like she might have been having a heart attack :o( fortunately she wasn't having one but it is related to an ongoing problem she has...And this could happen again :o( She's back home though and off out to her sons christmas eve celebration thing at his school...He attends one of the rudolph steiner schools...As most of the workers at these schools are from europe they do celebrations for all kinds of festivals...They do a lot of different celebrations in the lead up to Christmas Day...She found out today that our GP has mysteriously left...She is with the same practice as me and holds the same GP in as high a regard as i do...He was there on monday and spoke to her daughter and said he'd see her soon...Yesterday a letter had been typed up at the practice and sent out to patients with upcoming appointments with him...Saying due to unforeseen circumstances the appointment was cancelled and to phone to book another one...So my friend did that as she got the letter like that this morning, only to be told he was no longer there and they couldn't tell her why...Very strange and a right puzzle...Just hope that he and his family are alright...He's been there too long and is too caring for us to believe he had done anything untoward.

Have a very Merry Christmas everyone...Hope santa is good to you all as you've all been good girls and boys this year


Sara said...

Awful that your friend had such a scare m'dear, though fab that she's home again now and well enough to attend the school do.

Wishing you, K, G and M a lovely, lovely Christmas.


Missie said...

Have a Merry Christmas!

colleen said...

Hope that you have had a nice Christmas Day. . especially your boys Cath.Enjoy the next few days too.Oh and a Happy New Year too!

Jan said...

Iam sorry your friend had such a fright ,I hope she is ok now Jan xx