Monday, 22 December 2008


Second last entry was entitled ARRGGHHHHHH...Think this one should be too lol...Am so stressed just now and usually am not leading up to christmas...Last year i did get stressed on christmas day but that was because of not being able cos of my shoulder and i had wanted everything to be just right for K's friend...So why am i so stressed just now you may well ask...Well yesterday was pure and utter hell to be honest...Firstly my hoover had broken and i only bought it last month but i couldn;t find the receipt...No problem usually as it was from asda, is asda own make and looks barely used...Oh no it was a right old pilaver and i almost shouted and cried at the manager of the asda i took it back to...See as they had none on the shelves they needed a barcode to refund me...No problem phone another store i said and they thought that as well...HAHAHAHA!!!! the MANAGER was the one doing the looking online and phoning the other stores...After much waiting and much wrangling and me getting very angry but keeping my voice down and not shouting (well impressed with meself at that) i demanded contact for the manufacturers...See the manager had been asking the other stores and searching online for an ONN (however tis spelt) hoover...Thing is the hoover says ASDA and not ONN...Because i had been stood in that store at customer services for nearly an hour i flounced out to go to one of the other asda's...And just as well i did as they had about 20 of my faulty hoovers on their shelves...And it was them that said the manager had asked for the wrong flipping hoover...Needless to say i got it exchanged there and then i did my shopping...I did try to see if that manager was on duty in his store today but i couldn't find him...I was going to be polite but let him know in no uncertain terms that HE was the one at fault and not me as he was trying to imply...As i was leaving that asda i had Kerry phone me upset and in a panic...She was getting the last bus home to here last night...One bus from livingston had gone flying past her without stopping...The next one she went out early to get and it went flying past her whilst she was on way to bus stop 10 mins early...It didn't stop at the bus stop...So she tried a different bus to get into edinburgh but it was too late for her to get the megabus to here...She tried to get it at another stop she knew it usually stopped at...But it didn't turn up so she either missed it or it had been diverted...I decided stuff it and said ok am coming down to get you...A friend came with me for company...She had found a pub that was open late and sat in it waiting for us...3am before we got back here Today am shattered and tomorrow am driving north to deliver pressies there...My big sis has just told me off for even driving as she was barred from driving for 6 weeks when she cracked her ribs...She was also told it would be 6 weeks minimum before they healed...Erm my gp never said that or barred me...I didn't tell her i got an infection cos of the cracked ribs that could have turned to pnumonia LOL...I will tell her that tomorrow :o) Right i have a joint of beef in roasting cos it was reduced in asda yesterday...Must go put in the frozen roast potatoes :o)

ttfn xx


Jan said...

Well dear Cath, I hope that is the end of all your stressing now, and that things go well from here on in ,Have a lovely Christmas all of you Jan xx

Ally Lifewithally said...

Caff I feel stressed for you after your time at Asda ~ I only hope the NEW hoover works well ~ Poor Kerry what a palaver with the Bus ~ so glad you managed to go and collect her ~ Hope you are feeling better now ~ have a lovely Christmas ~ Ally x

Missie said...

Hope the stress lets up some!

Merry Christmas!