Wednesday, 10 December 2008


Ok i tried to add some pics but they didn't work very well...They are animated ones but blogger refused to animate them adding to sidebar using add a gadget...So i went got a christmassy background instead...Job done in one fell swoop...You do need to have the blog full screen to see the background properly like...Apart from that i've done nowt as i've had horrid migraine nearly all day...One thing that absolutely refuses to add for me is a hit counter...It was same with my AOL journal a hit counter just refused to work on it...Doesn't matter really as not many people read my spoutings of sheer drivel :o)

I have to gut both the boys rooms...One is getting a new bed delivered next thurs and it's a double bed so whole room needs rearranged...I also need to give living room a good clear out so i can get some decorations up and my new black tree...Am allowed to have it up for this year only Am hoping no2 son who decided that was how it would be will forget by next christmas...Problem is he has an almost photographic memory and forgets nothing ever...Black will look nice with all my white and silver decorations and lights.


Missie said...

You need to go into blogger, then layout and change it to Minima. Then your blog will fit correctly with your background.

When you add an animation under gadgets, you must add it under the html code gaget.

Have a good night!

Stuart said...

can't seem to read it all for the blooming snowmen

Jan said...

Your blog looks great ,oh arranging rooms and gutting them sounds like hard work ,mind your shoulder ,...promise ? Jan xx